What does food mean to you?

March is Nutrition Month.  This year’s theme, ‘Unlock the Potential of Food’ – was created by Dietitians of Canada to recognize the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and to bring us together.

Do you use food to fuel up before a workout? As a way to bring your family or friends together? To treat yourself?  Food means so much to us and is used in so many different ways. Take a couple of minutes to be mindful of what it means to you.

Dietitians do love food and believe in the power to enhance lives and improve health.  I encourage you to participate in some of the amazing activities dietitians have planned across the country.

Our office is celebrating Nutrition Month by sharing our favourite childhood memories with an office potluck of those cherished childhood foods.  The menu is interesting!!!!  Frosted Cauliflower reminds Tracy of her beloved grandmother.   Dave loves the crispy goodness of Yorkshire Pudding. Errin is bringing the classic Schwarties Hash Browns – full of warm cheesy yum.  Michele’s mom wasn’t a great cook, but everyone loved her Cheesie Buns.  Ellen loves ice skating and Ichiban noodles. Jan is bringing Baked Macaroni and Cheese – comfort food at its best! My mom cooked most of our meals, but when my dad cooked, he made a knockout Hamburger Goulash that I loved. Celebrate Nutrition Month with your great food memories!  #NutritionMonth #DietitiansDay

Check here for a listing of Nutrition Month Activities!

Why not try my new favourite – Polka Dot Mac and Cheese.

Eat Well…Lynn

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