What We’re Lovin’ for July!

What Jenn’s Lovin’:
Nature Walks – One my favourite things to do with my family is pack a picnic cooler and head to a local park.  We usually pick a quiet park as our destination, one without a playground structure.  Our favourite spots are Kings’ Park in Fort Richmond, LaBarrier Park in St. Norbert or Beaudry Park in Headingley.  We eat what we’ve packed and then we just walk.  We check out the trails, run in the open spaces and go where the moment takes us.  We walk and wander with no destination in mind.  There are so many beautiful green spaces in Winnipeg and all around the Province.  Where do you plan to visit this summer?

Frozen Bananas – I love freezing peeled bananas.  When bananas go over-ripe at our house we peel them and then freeze them in resealable bags or containers.  This way you don’t have the gooey task of trying to get the peel off your frozen bananas when you need them.  Also, you always have bananas ready to go for a perfect batch of Family Favourite Pancakes or to toss into your smoothies.

What Ellen’s Lovin’:
– I absolutely love everything on our charcoal grill “The Machine“.   We have made pizza, vegetables and had ribs, roasts and steaks.  So smoky and moist.

The Spice-It-Up Rub –  The Spice-It-Up Rub mixture has been great to have in my kitchen.  With our family grilling all the time it’s always ready to go!   I use the base with a tad extra brown sugar and placed it on pork ribs. Check out our Spice-It-Up Paste for Pork Back Ribs – it’s delicious!

Roses – I love all types of roses, specially the ones that smell! I have many roses from the Morden Research Station.  I have wild roses, climbing roses and all different colours.   They are hardy and resistant.  I do stop and smell the roses every day in my yard.

What Wendy’s Lovin’:
Free yoga and zumba outdoors
– I love, love, love this! It combines four things I love in one: yoga, zumba, the outdoors and FREE stuff! Yoga and Zumba classes can add up, and when it’s nice out you don’t necessarily want to workout indoors.
Downtown Winnipeg Biz  and Yoga Public have teamed up to offer free classes at Memorial Park until the end of August. Zumba is held on Tuesdays and yoga on Thursdays;  both classes start at noon and run for 45 minutes.  Can’t make it downtown during the week? Lululemon holds Om it Up, a one hour yoga class that is beginner friendly until Sunday, Sept 16 at Assiniboine Park.  Looking for a free evening class?  Head to Train Park, Plesis @ Kildare, for free yoga in the park every Tuesday in July from 7-8pm.  These are all free classes – you have no excuse to not attend.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Flavoured Water – Kristy recently reminded us of the benefits of drinking water and how much we should consume daily in her post Water and You. I often hear people say they just don’t like to drink water. If that’s the case, do what they do at restaurants, hotels and spas – flavour it! It’s easy; first place fruit and/or herbs in the bottom of a pitcher. Add ice, and fill the pitcher up with water. Experiment with different fruit and herb combinations like raspberry and lime, pineapple and mint, or watermelon and rosemary.  My favourite combination is any citrus fruit and mint. Use Ellen’s post on herbs as a reference to get you started on experimenting with herb flavourings or visit The Yummy Life for more ideas specific to water. It’s a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks and juices. Fun tip: freeze raspberries and blueberries into ice cubes to add to your water.

Be Well…
Jenn, Ellen & Wendy


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