What We’re Lovin’ for June

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What Lynn’s Lovin

Summer Sunsets

Toronto Sunset Lynn Weaver

Summer officially begins in June.  I love spending time outdoors enjoying the sunshine-kissed days but there is something magical about watching the sunset. Nik and I have started grabbing a tea and a little treat and walking to the waterfront to watch the sunset on one of the most stunning views of the city from Toronto Island.  It is a gift to sit, breathe, and enjoy this natural beauty.

What Ellen’s Lovin

Music Playlists

Music has the ability to mark moments in our lives, happy, sad and everything in between.  Music can transport us back to a memory and it is part of our culture.  Over this last year, my family have created many playlists on Spotify to mark the moments of holidays, birthdays and even Sunday dinners.  It’s more than just having the Happy birthday song, or your favorite songs on the list but specific themed songs to capture that moment, person, or celebration.  Do you create themed playlists to capture the essence of the celebration?

Check out the Canola Eat Well PLANT. GROW. EAT Spotify playlists we curated for our spring summer learn-along series!

What Jenn’s Lovin

DIY Beeswax Wraps

Eco-friendly, functional and fun, making these reusable food wraps is a snap. I tried out a couple of methods and this version using an iron is a breeze. Watch the video and make your own custom beeswax wraps that you can use over and over again. You can find beeswax at many craft supply stores, candle-making stores, your local beekeeper supply store or you can order a kit from Petal & Hive. I’ve listed directions and a full supply list here!

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