What We’re Lovin for March

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What Lynn’s Lovin’

Nutrition Month

Polka Dot Mac and Cheese | www.canolarecipes.caMarch is Nutrition Month.  This year’s theme, ‘Unlock the Potential of Food’ – was created by Dietitians of Canada to recognize the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and to bring us together.

Our office is celebrating Nutrition Month by sharing our favorite childhood memories with an office potluck of those cherished childhood foods.  The menu is interesting – check out my full post for all of the details.

What Ellen’s Lovin’

Words have impact and power.

How you choose what and how to say can make the difference in lifting someone up or tearing them down.  I came across IN-G  He is a spoken word poet – twitter & Intsagram.

He describes poetry as “…the art of emotion and connection. It is the voice inside us all.”  I am totally connected to the flow, the intention and the rhythm of his words. Here is one IN-G poems that I am lovin’ this month (there is a swear in this, language warning).

What Jenn’s Lovin’

No Knead Bread & My Dutch Oven

Wait, what?! You can bake one of those delicious artisan loaves of bread at home and it requires very little bread skill?! Mind blown!

I received a cast iron enamel dutch oven as a gift and combined its super powers with a recipe for Easy Homemade Bread from How to Eat’s blog. The outcome = beyond delicious bread that really was made by me but didn’t look at all like it was made by me. I’ve made this recipe a few times now and on the days we finish a loaf I’m already plotting when I can start my next one!

Be sure to back cast the timing of when you need to start your bread so that it comes out of the oven on the right day and at an hour that will allow you to truly cut in and devour its scrumptiousness. My preferred timing is to start just before dinner or after work on a Friday and bake the loaf anytime that works the next day.

Eat Well…Lynn, Ellen & Jenn


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