What We’re Lovin’ for November

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What Lynn’s Lovin

Vegetables: A Love Story

Vegetables: A Love Story

Cookbooks are my love language. I read them for inspiration, to learn new techniques, to keep up to date with trends, and for pure joy and escape. New or used, I dive in and read them cover to cover imagining myself cooking and tasting each recipe – following the writer step-by-step into their magical culinary world. 

Renee Kohlman, one of my favorite cookbook writers and recipe developers, has written her latest book on vegetables and love.  Renee shares 92 delicious, easy-to-follow, mouthwatering, vegetable-focused recipes, with practical tips woven together with her own personal stories. Her recipes are exciting and new, and her storytelling is pure magic. If you are looking for creative ways to cook local seasonal vegetables and a love story about a prairie girl and her handsome farmer, this book is for you.  How lovely is that?

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What Jenn’s Lovin

Audio books with fantastic narration

What Jenn's Lovin for November 2021

Fall means back to the hockey rink and one of my favourite combos is watching my kids on the ice for practice, tucked under a warm blanket with my latest audio book streaming into my ears. Not all audio books are equal and for me, it’s as much about the narrator as it is the storyline. I have so many favourites but two recent listens that stick out are: The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah and The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue both streamed through Audible. Do you listen to audio books?

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101 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin’ for November

  1. I have many great Canadian cookbooks that I love, and each one has special recipes that I love, but I do like The Complete Canadian Living Cookbook

  2. I like the cookbooks by restaurants The Coup (Calgary), Rebar (Vancouver) and Fresh (Toronto). All great restaurants with good cookbooks!

  3. ‘Mama Never Cooked Like This’ by Susan Mendelson. I suppose it’s an oldie by today’s standards but then so am I.

  4. So many favourite Canadian cookbooks! How can I pick just one? Homegrown and Peace, Love & Fibre by Mairlyn Smith, Uncomplicated & Dinner Uncomplicated by Claire Tansey, Per la Famiglia by Emily Richards and Double Happiness by Trevor Lui are currently the most-used on my cookbook shelf!

  5. Sooo many Canadian cookbooks I love… But one of the stand-outs is Feast: Recipes and Stories from a Canadian Road Trip.

  6. I read my Mom’s Canadian Living for all the recipes – Canadian Living Cookbooks! Thanks for the chance!

    Mishelle G

  7. I have quite a few Canadian cookbooks but my favourites are the local community cookbooks!!! I like the “Happy 100th Birthday, Alameda” cookbook.

  8. It would be the “The Five Roses Cookbook”. My mom used this cookbook all the time and I have my own copy, a bit ratty, but still very useful.

  9. great tastes of Manitoba cookbook, The Complete Canadian Living Baking Book (TABI Special Edition), Land O Lakes cookbooks (Treasury of Country Recipes) are the ones that stay on top of my shelf because the recipes turn out and the family enjoys.

  10. My favourite Canadian cookbook comes from a church cookbook that has been in my family for years and is frequently used. It is called “Our Best to You” by a church in Crediton, ON.

  11. Traditional Ukrainian Cooking by Savella Stechishin and From Baba, with Love by Ukr Women’s Assoc, Saskatoon, and any books by Bonnie Stern and Anne Lindsay. Actually pretty well any cookbook I open I can usually find a large variety of recipes that I like!

  12. I enjoyed the Canadian Cookbook “Well Seasoned: A Year’s Worth Of Delicious Recipes” by Master Chef Canada winner Mary Berg.

  13. I have collected Jean Pare Companys Coming Cookbooks since i was a teenager and i have all of the original series. My favourite from them is the Muffins & More issue.

  14. The New Food Processor Bible (and its predecessors starting with Pleasures of Your Processor) by the late, great Norene Gilletz has place of pride in my kitchen…and no, you don’t need a processor for most of the recipes.

  15. Nellie Lyle Pattinson’s Canadian cook book is so special to me. I remember learning to cook with my single dad using this book and though its tattered and old ts still my favourite.

  16. My favourite Canadian cookbook is Jean Pare’s series of comfort foods and baking, from cookies and bars to cakes

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