What We’re Lovin’ for October

What We're Lovin with Canola Eat Well | www.canolaeatwell.com

What Ellen’s Lovin

Pumpkins, pumpkins and squash!

Ellen's Pumpkin Adventure | www.canolaeatwell.com

We love them as decorations during Thanksgiving and Halloween and we love to eat them.

There are so many different varieties especially when you can go to a pumpkin market gardener.

It so fun to experiment.  It’s a family event every year to go to the pumpkin patch and find new varieties of squash to cook at home and of course to have some for decoration.

What Jenn’s Lovin

Embracing my creativity and helping others express their own

Jennifer Dyck Harvest Camp Craft | www.canolaeatwell.com

“The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity” ~Brené Brown

I’m known as the ‘canola crafter’. Constantly encouraging others to create, to express themselves, to let loose, to release comparison, to find common ground and to cultivate meaning. I meet ‘crafter resistance’ on occasion and I’m ok with that because most often I meet pride, joy, excitement and passion that feeds the soul.

This picture is the memory chain we make while touring Manitoba farms during Harvest Camp. Each token a representation of who we meet and the conversations that take place. Each chain a unique expression of our farm to food journey – exactly as it needs to be.

How do you express your personal creativity? When was the last time you let your creativity loose?

Eat Well…Ellen & Jenn

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