What We’re Lovin for October

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What Lynn’s Lovin

Cozy Fall Favorites

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Wow – it is already October and change is here!  My garden has been slowly transitioning from the end of the summer ripe juicy tomatoes to pumpkins, beets, Brussels sprouts, pears, and apples.

I have also been busy tidying up with Marie Kondo and finding joy in what I have and what I can give away.

Below is a list of the early fall favourite foods that I am starting to get excited about. Hope you too can find time to refresh in this busy fall season and cook something delicious. 





What Jenn’s Lovin

Re-igniting your creative spark

Jenn Dyck Quilt

As someone who loves to create, I’m also familiar with that creative slump where you just can’t seem to get excited about your creative work. My go-to – explore other mediums. This month I’m doodling, beading, playing with fabric and starting an inspiration board. My goal, become re-inspired to pick up my block of the month embroidery project that I set aside after completing only January and February earlier this year. What do you do to re-ignite creativity within yourself?

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180 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin for October

  1. My favourite fall ingredient is squash of all types. So versatile, so delicious in both savoury and sweet dishes.

  2. I love everything made with apples…mmm warm apple crisps with cream, apple cakes, apple muffins, apple sauce and fresh tart apples for eating by the handful.

  3. Surprisingly, my favourite ingredient right now is…cucumber! We had a late bumper crop and need to use them or lose them.

  4. I’m all about squash in the fall. Butternut squash is wonderful in so many dishes and pumpkin anything is great but all of the squashes are good eating, very nutritious and delicious.

  5. My favorite fall ingredient is butternut squash – roasted, pureed, in soups, etc.
    Thanks for having this contest.

  6. I start so much baking in the fall! Lots of cinnamon and I love coconut to bring back that sunny kinda feeling. I mean we do live in Canada after all!!

  7. I don’t normally cook seasonally. I may notice items in the store that are more prevalent during a particular season but i tend to buy the things i like year round.

  8. All the comfort food I can bake. Apple crumble. Marble pumpkin & chocolate muffins. Sheet pan roasted vegetables, especially butternut squash. Spiced Pumpkin Lattes from my fav coffee shop. So much October Love. Oh ya. And half price chocolate bars AFTER Halloween.

  9. my favorite fall ingredient is squash…haven’t met a squash I didn’t like but my 2 favs are butternut and buttercup!!

  10. I don’t eat potatoes very often but garden potatoes in the fall taste better than at any other time of the year!!!

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