What We’re Lovin for September

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What Ellen’s Lovin


September is a big month in our family with birthdays and anniversaries so it’s typically filled with many opportunities to celebrate.

I love to celebrate. It’s something that I practice regularly.  It’s part of my philosophy of gratitude but it also helps me to slow down, pause in the moment, reflect on the person I am celebrating and of course share the love with them.

Like everything, celebrations can come in all ways from large to small and lavish to simple but the one thing that is consistent is that I celebrate.

How do you like to celebrate?

What Lynn’s Lovin

In Season Produce

Beet Pesto|www.canolaeatwell.com

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are getting ready to change.  Soon gone are the long days of summer with its bountiful harvest.

Fortunately, there is still lots of in-season produce to enjoy from all over Canada in September. Here are a few of my favourites:

Beet Pesto
Broccoli and Cauliflower Bake
Warm Apple Pancakes
Carrot and Parsnip Fritters
Cranberry Vinaigrette

What Jenn’s Lovin

Sweating it out at home

Earlier this year I fell in love with with home workouts. I’ve always been an outdoor cardio gal and loved going to studio workouts. I still love these outings but I’ve really learned to enjoy getting my sweat on at home. I require a bit of motivation and a guide to get me through – bring on virtual classes!
My two favs are:
The Fitual Anywhere – An online subscription based workout database with new weekly content and access to instructors for q&a or modifications. You can also rent an online class for a few days if you don’t want the monthly commitment or if you live in Winnipeg you can check out the studio. Seriously loving the move n groove, high intensity (or low if you modify), heart pumping, sweaty, stress releasing online classes that range from 30-60 min in length.

BodyFit by Amy – A YouTube channel that offers a range of class types (TRX and dumbbell workouts are my go-to playlists) and a variety of class lengths (10-60 min). I load one of these up when I’m looking to lift a bit more weight or a little less cardio but still pack want to punch into my day.

Do you have a favourite online workout?

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105 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin for September

  1. That first morning when I walk outside and the air is crisp and fresh with the smell of fallen leaves and I need a light jacket, I love when this happens every year

  2. We visited Ottawa in October 2 years ago. The weather was crisp, there were no line ups anywhere, and we got to explore all the museums, shops and restaurants at our leisure. We had never visited the capital before.

  3. Going to Griesbach Park- in fall streets are lined will trees their leaves changing color – Almost like the Country in the City.

  4. My favourite Fall memory is the beginning of the fairs and everything pumpkin spice, cooler weather, I love Fall

  5. My favourite fall memory is taking walks with my then young daughter, in the fresh, cool air and enjoying the vibrant colours of the foliage around us.

  6. My favourite fall memory is hiking around Moraine Lake in Banff shortly after moving to Calgary to see the larches change colour. The scenery is spectacular.

  7. I love apple picking with my grandchildren every fall. I did it with their moms when they were young too. We bag and freeze slices for pies and crumbles and make apple sauce.

  8. My favourite fall memory was a trip over the Cabot Trail to see the colours of the fall leaves. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  9. Apple picking with my children when they were young. They were so excited to fill their very own baskets and then all the goodies with baked with the apples.

  10. My favourite fall memory is a hike to see the fall colours of the larches at Moraine Lake in Banff with my wife and extended family when we first moved to Calgary.

  11. Growing up on a farm meant a lot of canning and freezing vegetables and fruit from the huge garden we had. I learned so much by helping out.

  12. Though it was not quite officially fall, we were married on September 12th, 1998. Having that day as a memory, surrounded by over 300 friends and family and a huge celebration, my dream wedding, is one of my absolute best fall memories! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  13. My favourite Fall memory is visiting family out west, on a crisp and misty morning, taking a long hike and enjoying the fresh air.

  14. Leaves cruching under my feet and the colours with crisp cool air! My favorite memories walking home after school! Enjoying the gresh air!

  15. We had a big three-trunk maple tree in our backyard, and my favorite memory is when the kids would jump in all the leaves every autumn!

  16. I love the colourful leaves that look as if they had paint splattered all over the trees, and the nice clean air as the weather slowly becomes more chilly. Thank you so so much for the opportunity, and I hope everyone has an incredible fall!

  17. I was married on a beautiful September fall day. There were still leaves on the trees, the air was cool but the sun still had some warmth.

  18. I love having to leave all my windows open to bring in the fresher, cooler air of Autumn. It has always great for me to remember that as a child too.

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