What We’re Lovin January

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What Ellen’s Lovin

Word of the Year

For the past couple of years, I have set a Word of the Year as an intention.  Last year, my word was DISCOVER and boy did I discover things about myself. It was also a wonderful reminder to re-discover all the things that I love to do at home. I did DISCOVER so many things about me especially in a year that we were locked down, in code red and had restricted social interactions because of COVID-19.  A great place to DISCOVER for me is in nature. This is a photo I took on a hike in Pinawa, Manitoba.

Join me and others in our canola community and share your word, I would love to connect.  I am still finalizing my 2021 word and will share all about it February post. Stay Tuned.

What Lynn’s Lovin

More Whole Grains

Mediterranean Bulgur Salad | www.canolaeatwell.com

The new year is a very popular time to set new goals, start new hobbies, and try new things.  Join me in exploring some tasty recipes that showcase whole grains! Canada’s Food Guide recommends whole grain foods as they provide fibre, vitamins and minerals!  Don’t like the taste whole grain bread? There are many other whole grains to try other than bread.  Join me in trying some new whole grains this new year! When looking for whole grain foods in the grocery store look for “100% whole grains”.

Fresh Basil, Baby Romaine, Quinoa Salad with Roasted Strawberry Balsamic Dressing
Hulled Barley and Parsley Salad
Mediterranean Bulger Salad
Wild Rice Pilaf
Canola Granola

What Jenn’s Lovin

Creating with Fabric

Jennifer Dyck Quilts

I’ve had a long-term relationship creating with fabric that spans my entire life. As a small child I remember lying under quilts up in frames as my mom or Grandma stitched away. Every home I’ve lived in has had a sewing machine (I even had one with me at University). So it’s no surprise that I’m still sewing all these years later. My favourite projects are quilts. I love fabric new or old and my favourite right now is sewing someone else’s scraps. Scrap busting quilts challenge my mind, make excellent use of discarded fabric and have offered me a place to practice the flow.

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75 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin January

  1. I am loving the that we are now able to have optimism that this pandemic ordeal may be coming to an end. Stay safe everyone. Happy New Years.

  2. I’m loving that there are so many occasions during January that are celebrated and that calls for cake. Oil-based cakes are so moist they are the go-to.

  3. I am loving that I finally had some doggy’s come in for dog sitting to bring in the New Year with me !

  4. January is always for new beginnings, hope for the future, and the manitoba weather has been so beautiful.

  5. I am loving that the days are getting longer and it is not as cold as it normally is for January.

  6. I’m loving the nice weather we have been having so far in 2021. Gives me energy and makes we want to go outside.

  7. I’m loving the slower start to the year and embracing the chance to regroup and refocus.

  8. Like the others have commented, I am just lovin’ that it’s FINALLY a brand New Year with the hope of new beginnings, and prayers and wishes that with a little continued patience, things will one day return to our old normal again and nobody will have to wear a protective face mask whenever they venture outside.
    And I’m also loving that I have managed to stay safe and healthy, having survived 2020!

  9. I am loving this beautiful winter weather and that Mother Nature has given us snow to play in and beautiful skies to look at in the evenings!

  10. I’m loving my most excellent nephew who puts the groceries on the porch, rings the doorbell, and steps back down the walk to give me a huge smile!

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