What We’re Lovin March

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What Ellen’s Lovin

Celebrating Women

Let’s celebrate women’s achievements in food and agriculture this month. There are so many amazing women making a positive difference. I want to know them. This year, share with me the women who had an impact on your life, school, or career.  I’ll share too. Let’s lift each other up and grow our community.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

What Lynn’s Lovin

March is Nutrition Month!

Garlic Tomato Chickpeas

This year, dietitians across the country want you to know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to healthy eating. Eat in a way that works with your culture and traditions, preferences, and nutritional needs.

Try this recipe: Garlic Tomato Chickpeas for #NutritionMonth and to help you #FindYourHealthy you can also find the official Nutrition Month downloadable recipe book here.

What does “Your Healthy” mean to you?  Happy Nutrition Month!

What Jenn’s Lovin

Being a Professional Home Economist

What the heck’s a PHEc? Short for Professional Home Economist and in my area of the profession it means a human that specializes in helping families or individuals build skill so they can be their best. We work in areas of food, nutrition, families, child development, family finance, textiles and more! On March 23 we celebrate World Home Ec Day and our professional contributions to community.

This year I will reflect on the amazing PHEcs I’ve had the honour to learn from and the many, many folks that I’ve had the privilege of leading over the years. I truly see it as a gift that I can contribute to others’ skill growth and empowerment. It can be as simple as seeing the smile on a student’s face when they’ve mastered a can opener or filled their plate excitedly with new to them foods for the first time or an adult having an ah-ha moment while learning about science or farming practices or proudly sending me a photo of the gorgeous cinnamon buns they learned to make . The joy in my profession is endless. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes, schools and communities. Let’s continue to learn together and grow into the future.

Eat Well…Ellen, Lynn & Jenn

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61 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin March

  1. I would like to mention all the amazing women who have Dercum’s Disease or Lipedema (or both) and maintain a positive atttitude and help others.

  2. celebrating all women no matter how they see themselves – they are strong, resilient, caring, and inspirational

  3. I am celebrating for my daughter. Working home in these trying times. Lives thousands of miles away.

  4. celebrating the achievements of women and the barriers that are breaking down every year towards equality.

  5. I am celebrating every woman !!! All are included in this amazing and crazy world All are surviving this crazy Covid pandemic situation! All deserve to be celebrated !

  6. I am celebrating all my female family members & friends; especially my Mom!

  7. I’m celebrating all of the wonderful woman in family & friend circle.

  8. I’m celebrating myself and my daughter. We don’t have any women role models.

  9. Even though my mom is no longer with us I celebrated her today along with my 2 daughters and myself. I also have 5 granddaughters that will ine day be string independent woman as well.

  10. I am celebrating all women for Women’s Day. Their strength, resilience, and accomplishments.

  11. I am celebrating all women who have made it through addictions and have come out stronger and happier!

  12. I’m celebrating all the women who went before me to show the way forward and upward.

  13. I’m celebrating my mother who survived a millennium and all the challenges that come with it. She passed on her wisdom, experiences, love, and caring to all.

  14. I’m celebrating my mom because she’s always been the strongest woman I know

  15. It is my wife’s birthday— celebrating women’s achievements and celebrating my favourite woman.

  16. I am celebrating all my female friends and relatives by reaching out to send admiration,love and support.

  17. I am celebrating my mom. She is a strong woman who raised strong, independent daughters and sons.

  18. I am celebrating my daughter who is one of the strongest, most caring woman I know!

  19. I’m celebrating with the ladies In my family, daughter, granddaughter and cousin internationalwomensday

  20. I am so thankful to my Zumba instructors who have been offering virtual classes for almost a year. It was a great way to exercise safely and it made me feel connected. Plus I lost weight reaching my perfect weight for the first time in my adult life.

  21. I am celebrating my mother and my sister for International Women’s Day. My mother and my sister have always inspired me to be a good, hard working person. Truthfully, I am amazed on a daily basis by women’s achievements everywhere!

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