What We’re Lovin’ for September

What Jenn’s Lovin’

Fresh veggies & Slow Roasted Tomatoes

I cannot get enough fresh local produce this season.  From beets to corn to berries and everything in between.  Right now I’m getting my fill of fresh local corn and preserving the taste of summer by roasting my tomatoes. Chef Mary Jane Feeke shows us how we can make Slow Roasted Tomatoes easily at home.  Keep those green ones too – they are fantastic roasted.  You can also puree your roasted tomatoes into a tomato paste/sauce that can be frozen to used over the winter months.

What Ellen’s Lovin’

Farm Family Hands | www.canolarecipes.caOpen Farm Day

On Sunday, Sept 15 many proud Manitoba farmers will be opening their gates to invite folks like you and me into their workplace, home and livelihood – their Farm!

The Manitoba Canola Growers will be at the Van Ryssel Dairy Farm in Oakbank.  We’d love to see you there.

Map: Site 45 on the map

There are over 50 locations across the province that you can visit.  Check out the entire schedule and map at www.openfarmday.ca.

What Leanne’s Lovin’

Cast Iron

Cast Iron, Camping and Canola Oil | www.canolarecipes.ca

Camping has always been a staple summer activity in my life.   Over the years I have camped out in everything from a canvas tent to a fully equipped 30-foot camper.  Even though sleeping quarters have changed one thing has always remained the same; my love for eating food cooked on the campfire, especially when cooked in cast iron.

Be Well…Jenn, Ellen & Leanne

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