Stuck in a cooking rut? Try one of these 5 cookbooks

As you may have noticed by now, we love food here at Be Well. Our lives revolve around it; not just the around food itself but the ingredients that go into making a good meal, exploring where those ingredients come from, their nutritional values and the people that bring the recipes we make to our tables.

Our food posts are often inspired by recipes and cookbooks from people whose passion for food is admirable. So this month I’ve done a recap of some cookbooks that are tried and true by your Be Well contributors.

Healthy Starts Here by Mairlyn Smith1 & 2) Healthy Starts Here and The Vegetarian’s Complete Quinoa Cookbook, Mairlyn Smith

The first two are courtesy of Mairlyn Smith. Mairlyn is a longtime friend of the Canola Growers. She describes her approach to cooking as “healthy cooking seasoned with laughter.”  The professional home economist, food writer, and comedian has gained popularity as a TV and media food personality, often appearing on Breakfast Television shows across Canada and on CityLine. We’re excited to have brought her back to Manitoba for the Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference.

Healthy Starts Here is made up of classic foods made healthier and new twists of old favourites.

Mairlyn just launched her latest book The Vegetarian’s Complete Quinoa Cookbook last month and it has been flying off bookstore shelves! Already a best seller. Quinoa continues to gain popularity as a superfood and this book consists of diverse dishes for every meal so you will not get tired of cooking with quinoa anytime soon.

Canada by Anita Stewart3) Anita Stewart’s CANADA: The Food, The Recipes, The Stories

With numerous food books under her belt, her latest book Anita Stewart’s CANADA: The Food, The Recipes, The Stories is described as “…the definitive cookbook about our country, featuring homegrown ingredients used locally and seasonally in home kitchens” by Amazon.

Our very own Ellen, has had the pleasure of meeting and working with Canada’s Culinary Ambassador. Read Ellen’s post about Anita – Canada’s Culinary Ambassador. Remember when we celebrated great Canadian foods on Food Day Canada this summer? We have Anita to thank for that too.

Prairie Fruit Cookbook by Getty Stewart4) The Prairie Fruit Cookbook, Getty Stewart

We love supporting local, and we just can’t get enough of Getty Stewart’s Prairie Fruit Cookbook. We love her passion and she is such a source of knowledge, always happy to share her wisdom with other local food bloggers. This Be Well guest blogger and founder of Fruit Share Manitoba also spoke at the Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference. Get to know her a little better with in Getty’s Be Well Story and read her latest post Tasty Tomatoes.

Great Tastes of Manitoba Cookbook5) The Great Tastes of Manitoba Cookbook

Our fifth pick broadens our focus on local a little bit more. Great Tastes of Manitoba is Canada’s longest running show and began its 23rd season earlier this fall with new host Ace Burpee.

The Great Tastes of Manitoba cookbook includes some of the best recipes from the TV show’s first 20 years. Recipes come from the farmer groups that make up Food Manitoba.

I like to think the next best local cookbook will come from one of the members of the Manitoba Food Bloggers group. It is a talented group of cooks, bakers and food lovers, each with their individual specialties that they showcase on their food blogs. Hurray for Manitoba food!

Win a cookbook of your choice

Leave a comment below telling us which cookbook you’d like to win and why – for a chance to win the cookbook of your choice. One entry per person.  Contest closes December 16, 2012, winner will be contacted via email and announced in the comment section below.

*Please note – Contest is now CLOSED.  Congratulations to our winners who are announced below.

Be Well…Wendy

28 thoughts on “Stuck in a cooking rut? Try one of these 5 cookbooks

  1. Hi, I’d like to win Anita Stewart’s Cananda! Having recently moved from Ontario to BC, I have experienced a surprisingly large change in my culinary experiences. I’m seriously loving all of the fresh seafood dishes. I’d like to learn even more about Canadian food across the country so I can try it all!

  2. Hi, I would love to win anyone of these cookbooks. I love to garden in the summer and make new and exciting things then can/preserve in the fall. I love cooking!!

  3. I would love to win Getty’s book! She’s got a great perspective on us here in the Prairies. I love following her blog too. But I have to say when I hit a rut it’s Sandi Richard that I turn to and her Dinner Survival series – 5 days at a time grocery shopping and great, nutritious supper ideas with little prep and time in the kitchen. Perfect for hubby to cook when I am D-O-N-E being the personal chef who hardly ever uses a recipe for supppers.

  4. Any of the books would be great. I love trying new recipes. The healthy starts here sounds interesting but anyone would be neat to receive.

  5. I’d love to win Marilyn Smith’s cookbook. As someone with a gluten allergy, quinoa intrigues me but so far all I know how to do is cook it on the stove top like rice and eat it straight up!

  6. First choice would be Getty’s Prairie Fruit cookbook. I keep signing out the copy from the library, and renewing it! Try as I might, I just can’t seem to figure out how I can buy a copy of my own (Chapters can’t help me unfortunately) But, if I’m chosen, and someone else was chosen ahead of me and gets that book, I certainly wouldn’t object to Great Tastes of Manitoba book – I only started watching the show this season, so a collection of past recipes would be cool to have 🙂

  7. They all are great choices, but I’d love to win Healthy Starts Here by Mairlyn Smith. My friends, husband and I have to do a balancing act when we eat because we are senior citizens and have a variety of health conditions.
    It would be great to learn how to eat healthy and get a laugh out of it, too!

  8. At 68 years old I find myself a little heavier. I would love to eat healthier, and I’m very interested in the Vegetarians complete quinoa cookbook. I have a slight wheat allergy where my stomach gets upset, so therefor I would absolutly love to win Marilyn Smith’s books.

  9. I would like to win The Vegetarian’s Complete Quinoa Cookbook, Mairlyn Smith. I have been curious about quinoa for some time now. I try to avoid gluten based foods in my diet as I seem to react to them now. I bloat severely and have difficulty digesting anything with flour. I’m not a natural cook! So I need recipes and cooking tips to ease a diet change. Thanks for the opportunity to win a cookbook that could help me find my new way.

  10. I have a newly landscaped yard and I find myself with apples, plums, cherries, grapes, raspberries and rhubarb growing out there. I need to do something with them so the Prairie Fruit Cookbook would be VERY helpful!

  11. Thanks for your comments everyone, I love hearing all your reasons! Mairlyn and Getty’s books seem to be a popular choice. Good luck – you’ll love any of these books I promise!

  12. I would love to try the cookbook The Vegetarians Guide to Cooking With Quinoa. I am a vegetarian, continually looking for recipes with quinoa, it is good for my health, and will help me ensure I am getting my complete proteins.

  13. Hi. I would love to win the Vegetarians Guide to Cooking With Quinoa. I have recently discovered quinoa and the benefits of it for a vegetarian. The opportunity to re ipe the cookbook would enhance my diet. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I own all of these (with the exception of Anita’s book) and they are smeared with oil and dotted with oatmeal. That’s a good thing! Some cookbooks look pretty but their pages never see the light of day. Wendy, you’ve made excellent choices in these practical AND beautiful books.

  15. i would love to win the Great Tastes of Manitoba cookbook, i watch the show every week and love it. An all in one recipe book would be great to have in the cupboard

  16. I’d love to win Mairlyn Smith’s healthy starts here. My husband and I are nearing retirement and empty nest and are making lifestyles changes. With various health issues, we are trying to cook differently. Mairlyn’s humour and recipe change-ups are a great inspiration and I would love to try out more. Can’t think of a better gift than a healthy new cookbook!

  17. any of these books would be a welcome addition to my cookbookery…I adore Mairlyn Smith… and Anita Stewart’s book looks beautiful…whenever I’m asked by foreign friends what is typical Canadian cuisine I’d like to show them what we can do with what we grow/have.

  18. When I know that Mairlyn is going to be on BT Toronto, I always tune in and watch her segment. I enjoy her relaxed, fun and informative approach to food. Healthy Starts Here would be a great addition to my cook book collection!

  19. I just heard Getty Stewart speak and she’s such a dynamic person and full of passion for what she does. I live on a farm with many fruit around and would really appreciate new recipes for how to prepare this food and not let it go to waste.

  20. Drum Roll….We were so excited about these cookbooks that we decided to make 3 draws! That’s right we drew names for 3 books:

    Margaret – The Vegetarian’s Complete Quinoa Cookbook
    Lorraine – Healthy Starts Here!
    Nat – Prairie Fruit Cookbook

    All three winners have been contacted via email. Thank you to everyone for your entries. Please stay connected with us as we love giving away prizes!
    Be Well…

  21. Mairlyn Smith is so my favourite, she can bring a smile to cooking and food every time! Anything she writes belongs in my cookbook library, I’d love both books!
    Smiling is healthy.

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