Farm to Food

Does Science Belong on my Plate?

Kevin Folta 2014 |

Interviews, blog posts and myth busting from the science community.

A series of #canolaconnect speaker events and blog posts that discuss the science of GMOs, food processing, pesticides and other topics connected to food and science.

Read the recaps, see what was said on social media and join the conversation.




From the Farm

Farmer Simon Ellis | www.canolaeatwell.comVideos, interviews and blog posts from the farmers that grow our food. 

Meet Manitoba farmers Simon Ellis, Curtis McRae and Doug Chorney.  See them on their farms, hear their stories and ask your questions.



From the Kitchen

Chef Mary Jane Feeke |

Why is cooking important? I don’t know what to cook, what should I do? Why is growing and harvesting your own food important?

Watch be well stories from Chef Mary Jane Feeke, Professional Home Economist Mairlyn Smith and Fruit Share Founder Getty Stewart.


Farm to Food on CTV

CTV Farm to Food | www.canolaeatwell.comWatch and learn about driving a tractor, what canola tastes like in the field, what farmers do in the winter and much more!

Farmer Curtis McRae teaches CTV Winnipeg Morning show host Kelly Linehan about farming on his Manitoba farm.


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