Top 5 foodie websites, Top 10 favourite recipes from Canola Eat Well

Top 5 foodie websites, Top 10 favourite recipes from Canola Eat Well

December is here, snow is coming to some parts of the province while others have been enjoying it already. It is a busy month with holiday parties, potlucks and gatherings. This is one of my favourite times of year (and can be extremely busy and stressful, but nevertheless one of my favourites) as I love to entertain and cook for my family and friends.

I have started new traditions with my family and continued old ones as well. One tradition is making cookies with my daughter; I have included a top 5 cookie list below. An older tradition is gathering with my girlfriends for an evening with just the girls to laugh, remember years past and share stories about our families, accomplishments and failures!. We tend not to get together as often as we should, but we always make time in December. Of course, food is involved and everyone must bring a dish. I have listed my top 5 websites that have great recipes.

And I have included my top 10 favourite recipes. For most people, we have a 10 recipe rotation, our standards, our go to recipes for when we are in a pinch and we know exactly what we need to buy at the store. No lists needed!

I work with a great team that comes up with the recipes and some I love more than others but here are the ones that are now part of my home and are in my recipe data base for everyday meals and entertaining!

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