Why Canadians Love Canola Oil

Meet Trevor Lui

Chef Trevor Lui has been a part of our canola community for a number of years now and continuously celebrates Canadian ingredients in his dishes. He loves to share stories and food traditions passed down from his master wok chef grandfather who came to Canada from Hong Kong. Trevor grew up running around the kitchen of his family’s restaurant in Toronto watching Leafs games and packing take-out. Like his grandfather, Trevor chooses canola oil for his fryer and wok because it can take the heat.

Brand Ambassadors

If you’re wondering why to choose canola oil, you don’t need to take it from us. Meet our canola ambassadors and learn why these culinary experts choose canola oil over and over again for their kitchens.

Need more Reasons to Love Canadian Canola?

Proudly Canadian: No matter the brand, when you find canola oil on the store shelf, you’re choosing Canadian canola.

Unmatched versatility: Use it for baking, frying, sautéeing, or making salad dressings. 

Affordability: A budget-friendly pantry staple for Canadian families coast-to-coast.

Flavour partner: Canola’s neutral flavour allows delicious Canadian ingredients to shine!

It can take the heat: Canola’s high heat tolerance (as high as 242°C/468°F) means it can be used safely for high heat baking, roasting, and frying.

Best value for health — Canola oil is a healthy choice.  It is low in saturated fat and has the most plant-based source of omega-3 fats among all common cooking oils. It is also just pennies per serving making it an affordable choice for all to use.

Splendid substitute: Use canola oil as a seamless substitute for other liquid oils and when a solid fat calls to be melted in your recipes. Here’s a handy chart to use to convert your recipes.

Canola Oil Baking Chart

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