Recipe Booklet 2022 (limited time)

Order your complimentary copies of

Let’s Eat with Canadian Canola Oil (2022) and Share More Meals Together (2021) 

*If you are a health professional, educator or food expert looking to distribute copies to your community, please send us an email request at [email protected].

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36 thoughts on “Recipe Booklet 2022 (limited time)

  1. Thank you for this generous offer. I use many of your recipes and will appreciate having them in booklet form.

    Ruth McCleary

  2. Thank you for making your fabulous cook booklets available to us. Please keep creating these great recipes.

  3. I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes. When you cook 300+ meals a year, the annual booklet is a welcome inspirational tool.

  4. Awesome! Thank you for Canadian Copies of this Canola Oil Cookbooks. I need to add some new ideas to our weeknight meal rotations. Looking at new recipes always gets me inspired to try new things. Can’t wait to receive. 🙂

  5. I would love a copy of your new cookbook and old one.
    We have a beautiful field of winter canola, behind us

  6. Thank You. I’m old school and still much prefer to read recipe books in my hands. I appreciate this offer and your emails and recipes in them. Thanks again.

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