Online Rules & Policies

Eligibility and Contest Rules:

  • Must be Canadian resident (Residents abroad are not eligible for this contest and Quebec residents are disqualified from entry).
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Prize is not transferable.
  • No purchase of any product necessary for entry.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly from all qualified entries.
  • Winners must answer a skill-testing question in order to claim the prize.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and might be announced on and/or through our social media outlets.
  • Only one winner per mailing address per calendar year.

Online Comment Policy

Comments to the Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) Canola Eat Well, website and social media sites, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr, are welcome and encouraged. MCGA does not edit posts, but will delete those that violate the following guidelines.

  • Comment form guidelines: When applicable, the comment form must be filled in with a proper or legitimate sounding name and URL. Comments using keywords or spam-like URLs, or suspicious information in the comment form, will be deleted.
  • E-mail privacy: Where e-mail addresses are required for commenting, they will not be published or shared by MCGA. E-mail addresses may be used by MCGA to privately contact the commenter (eg. contest winners).
  • How we will respond: Comments will only be responded to in direct response to the comment
  • Commenter privacy and protection: All personal information such as email address, phone numbers, or any other private and personal information posted in any comment will be deleted as soon as possible to protect the privacy of the commenter. To prevent deletion of your comment, never share private or personal information within a comment.
  • Language and manners: All of our online content is family friendly and MCGA reserves the right to delete or refuse postings that MCGA, in its sole discretion, determines to be or constitute:
    • hate speech
    • defamatory
    • obscene
    • harmful to minors
    • offensive
    • bullying, harassing or threatening
    • off-topic
    • inaccurate
    • name calling and/or personal attacks
    • a violation of copyright or any other third-party right
    • otherwise inappropriate
  • Spam: Any comment assumed to be possible spam will be deleted and marked as such.
  • Blocking: Anyone who violates this Online Comments Policy may be blocked from future access and/or commenting on MCGA platforms.
  • What to do if your comment does not appear: If you leave a comment on an MCGA blog and it does not appear within 14 days and you know that it does not violate this Online Comments Policy, contact the blog administrator at [email protected].
  • Hold harmless: All comments made to any MCGA blog, website or social media site, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr, are the responsibility of the commenter, not the MCGA, its staff, online administrator, contributors or editor. BY SUBMITTING A COMMENT, YOU AGREE THAT THE COMMENT CONTENT IS YOUR OWN, AND YOU FURTHER AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD MCGA HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL DAMAGES OR LIABILITY OF ANY NATURE OR KIND WHATSOEVER WHICH ARE REASONALBY ATTRIBUTABLE TO SUCH COMMENT.
  • Trackbacks and Pingbacks are comments: All trackbacks and pingbacks will be treated in accordance with this Online Comments Policy.

If you find a comment offensive or believe it violates this Online Comments Policy, please contact [email protected].

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