Holly Jolly Baking with Canola

We asked Chef Claire Tansey:

What’s your Holly Jolly Baking Memory?

“When I was growing up, my whole family had to get involved when Mom made the Christmas cakes. Dad cut up the fruit and my brother, sister and I all took turns whipping a dozen egg whites with the manual beater (no electric mixer for us!) It seemed like so much work–and I didn’t even like fruitcake! Now that I’m grown-up, fruitcake is my favourite– it’s the only holiday baked good that I can’t live without. But I get my little son to help turn on the stand mixer for the egg whites!” ~Claire Tansey

Claire, can you share two tips for using canola oil in your baking?

  1. Canola is perfect for baked goods that feature holiday spices as it lets the flavours of the spices really shine.
  2. Using canola in quick breads and cakes give them the most wonderful texture – moist and fluffy.

DYK: You can swap canola oil into your baking recipes?

If your baking recipe calls for a solid fat to be melted then there is a good chance you can use canola oil instead.

This helpful chart can help you make the switch and “Ask Judy: Canola Oil & Baking” explains further.

Canola Oil Conversion Chart | www.canolaeatwell.com

Chewy Coconut-Lime Blondies

Now that you have Claire’s tips – let’s put them to work with her fabulous Chewy Coconut-Lime Blondies. Your taste buds, family and friends are sure to thank you!

Chewy Coconut Lime Blondies | www.canolaeatwell.com

Happy Baking and Eat Well…Jenn

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60 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Baking with Canola

  1. My holly jolly baking memory is making many tourtieres with my cousin to give to family and friends at Christmas. Holiday tunes playing, lots of laughs, and lots of kids underfoot. @CanolaEatWell the #CanolaConnect

  2. My Holly Jolly Memory is Christmas baking and singing Christmas carols with my kids each year as they were growing up ! <3

  3. My holly jolly baking memory is of me and my girls making new cookie recipes on Christmas eve, yes on Christmas Eve, the kitchen was tore apart and one big mess but it was all fun and some cookies weren’t too bad!!

  4. My favorite Holy Joly memory was help my Babcia (grandma) prepare and make perogies when I was very young. A memory I will never forget and even have a picture of

  5. My favourite memory is visiting my grandma out at the farm at Christmas. We cousins would race around, play hide and seek and burrow in everyone’s coats on the bed. Back then some of the women wore furs and we loved to cuddle up in them with their satin linings and burrow in! Yikes! One time we jumped on our grandma’s bed as a group and broke it. We were a wild bunch. But those times live on in our memories and we all laugh about those days now.

  6. My favourite memory is watching my mom make fruit cake. I never liked it and still don’t but I loved all the little bits of green and red cherries that made it look so pretty.

  7. I would help by peeling apples for my Mom & she would Bake about 4 apple pies. The best Banana Muffins I ever made called for oil instead of hydrogenated margarine.

  8. I always loved helping my mom bake goodies at Christmas time, she was a great baker #canolaconnect and now I bake some of them with my own daughter

  9. My memory is decorating Gingerbread houses as a kid with my family! It was so much fun! I need to start that tradition again!

  10. My memory is when I was 14 I attempted to bake a cheesecake, I used Kaluga and chocolate. I took it to my grams xmas dinner, and wanted to try it, but by the time I got to it there was none left! I was sooooo mad then but now it’s a happy memory coz now I realize everyone likes liked it!

  11. My holly jolly Christmas memory is baking and decorating sugar cookies with my own kids. Worth all the mess. I miss those days.

  12. Last year my mom gave me the cookie cutters from my childhood and they brought back such wonderful memories – there is one which is a red Santa cookie cutter and I remembered that his boots would always break off in the cookie cutter. But every year we would give him a second chance to keep his boots. My favourite to decorate was the Christmas tree with the pressed in back and forth garland pattern.
    I do not live near my mom or my siblings so it meant a lot when she gave them to me to use with my kids.

  13. My holly jolly memory is when I made Russian Tea Cakes and my dad liked them so much he made the next 3 batches with me. My dad was not into cooking I was so that was special to me.

  14. Mu holly jolly memory was baking with my mom when we were kids, every Christmas,we would bake all kinds of cookies and cakes together. I wish I could still do that now.

  15. My holly jolly memories include making some homemade fudge and cookies with my grandma. She would make Christmas gifts of fudge and we would wrap them up in little boxes with brown paper and send them off to relatives and close friends. It was always a lot of fun! #CanolaConnect 🙂

  16. my meholly jolly mory is wrapping silver sixpences in greaseproof paper to put into the Chrismas Pudding, we all took turns in mixing it and making a wish!

  17. My Holly Jolly memory is learning to make fudge the old fashioned way from my father-in-law. Now I think of him every time I make fudge and I would never make it any other way.

  18. Mine is making the Christmas cakes with my mother..well I helped. I still use her recipe and think of her while making the cakes.

  19. My Holly Jolly memory is baking cookies with my Grandama when I was a kid. Every second weekend we used to go to grandma’s house and we would bake cookies and other yummy treats.

  20. I used to help my mother Christmas baking i have her recipes and i will be passing them on to my children when they grown up. I love her plum pudding and sauce. Its the best sauce i ever tasted.

  21. My mother was to busy pinching pennies to buy gifts for all 7 kids we never had Christmas baking goods. I now make too much.LOL. We love to do it all. We have a great time decorating the sugar cookies with royal icing.

  22. My Holly Jolly memory is learning to bake Nanaimo bars and sharing the tradition with my 4 daughters and now my grandchildren soon enough! 🙂

  23. When I first moved out I wanted to impress my family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. I promised a huge variety of goodies and spent days in the kitchen perfecting Rolly Polly Santa’s and chocolate mint surprise cookies. I make them every year but I don’t make quite so many varieties, and I don’t promise ahead of time, I just show up with a small platter made with love. Teaching my kids how to make those two favourite kinds this year is very special to me

  24. My best holiday memory is when my girls were small they had their favorite teddy bears and we decided to make ginger bread cookies .. well I found cookie cutters to match their teddy bears and when it was time to decorate they had it right down to the red bow tie ..lol they were the cutest cookies ever I had to put a string through a few and they hung them in the tree ..we did this for at least 10 years and they still talk about it today and I must say i totally regret not taking a picture ..back in the day pictures were not the big thing but i wish i had 🙁 fondest memory for us as a family

  25. I don’t remember baking with my mom so it was/is important to me to do it with my kids! My favourite memory is the first time I made decorated sugar cookies with my daughter – she is such an artist that she had that Royal Icing under control in no time!

  26. My holly jolly memory is making homemade sucre a la creme at Christmas time with a recipe that has been with our family for over 80 years.

  27. My holly jolly memory was making cookies and cakes with my mom at Christmas. It was always nice when we have visitors to offer them a cup of tea and some sweets.

  28. No sweeter memory than coming back from a moonlit hayride on a cool winter’s eve out in the country than my mother-in-laws freshly baked cinnamon buns oozing with icing piled high and cinnamon hot chocolate. These are what memories are made of! #CanolaConnect

  29. My Holly Jolly Memory is Christmas baking thatbstarted from end of November which Inam doing right now and decorating the house and having friends and family for sharing good food and company while singing Christmas carols every year that started when we’re young and keeping it as a tradition.

  30. My holly jolly baking memories are when my nieces and nephews are here for the first time and then I bake some muffin then I am cooling them down and i turn around and when i looked back the tray is almost gone!~ oh my oh my, thats what I love all my baking dont last!

  31. We were fortunate to have our grandma/awesome baker living with us while growing up. Every December, she would start her holiday baking & I, being her helper, learned how to make every treat imaginable. I was blessed!

  32. Makes me smile when I think of this Holly Jolly Baking Memory. Piernik from my grandmother’s recipe uses honey, cold tea, and oil in equal parts. I use #canolaoil, great because it comes from a Canadian farm in Saskatchewan! #CanolaConnect https://t.co/dinoSzFUGO

  33. My Holly Jolly memory is waking up my sisters and parents on Christmas morning and rushing downstairs to see what Santa brought us.

  34. My favorite memory is my daughter coming home from school & practicing Jingle Bells on the piano so that I would start baking the Christmas cookies.

  35. ♥️✴️♥️✴️♥️
    Canola Eat Well for Life – my ♫♪ Holly Jolly ♫♪ memories are baking and decorating Christmas cookies with my boys. We would package them and deliver them to neighbours and bring them to festive occasions as house warming gifts. #CanolaConnect
    ♥️I’m so glad I found your page. We’ve been cooking and baking with Canola for as long as I can remember! Following your page. Liking and Sharing!

  36. My favourite Christmas baking memory is of making lucky stirs when making Christmas cake. We realized this year that our family has been doing this for at least 6 generations now. Our family recipe for Christmas cake makes about 14 lbs of cake so once all the fruit and nuts have been added to the batter it becomes a little touch to stir so everyone in the house takes a turn stirring. Each person gets 3 stirs and as they stir they make a wish. This is such a strong tradition that we even do proxy stirs where we call those who can’t be with us on cake making day and, while someone stirs, the person on the phone makes their wish. In true 21st century style we even do lucky stirs by text! My sister, cousin & I are the last Christmas cake lovers so we may have to move the lucky stirs to cookie batter instead.

  37. My favourite memory is of making the Christmas cake with my mother..it took so long and it was special to have Mom to myself.

  38. My Holly Jolly memory is getting our first ever real tree when I was a kid. My sisters and I were so excited putting the ornaments on that I accidentally tipped the tree over. It was honestly hilarious especially in hindsight! We all had a good laugh about it!

  39. Nothing like coming home after an evening of a hayride on a moonlite eve out in the country to the best smell ever coming from the mother-in-laws kitchen. Once inside the girls would get out the ingredients to make the icing for the delicious cinnamon buns just out of the oven, so HOT, so STEAMING delicious I can just taste them now. We would pile the buns so thick & high with icing that it dripped down our chins but OH So GOOD! All the family just dug in and hot chocolate served on the side. Oh how I remember those times at the farm near Riding Mountain National Park – great memories Canola Eat Well for Life
    #jollyhollybaking #fondmemories #canolaeatwell
    Thank You!

  40. Twenty years ago my Mother came to live with us. Suddenly in the grip of Alzheimer’s Disease. We were making perogirs an experience I had never had to do as it was her thing. Very early in the process she announced she was going to bed. Left with all the work and cleaning up I could barely stand. I have been making them alone now for all the family. Now I know how hard she worked preparing for the holidays.

  41. My Holly Jolly memory is making shortbread cookies with my Mom. It became even more fun when she got a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas. More time for tea and gabbing.

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