#CanolaConnect Harvest Camp Recap

As a part of our initiative to grow the #farmtofood conversation, for the past 5 years, we’ve invited a group out to Manitoba to learn more about where there food comes from. This year, our group consisted of chefs, restauranteurs, registered dietitians and a media personality from different parts of the country.


We travelled over 800km over a weekend to bring our campers to farms in Western Manitoba.

What we have discovered over 5 years of hosting Harvest Camp is that #CanolaConnect has the ability to create incredible bonds between people who promote, sell, cook and talk about food, to those who grow and raise it. There’s a common-place that is found in every conversation they have together, and that is that we all want the same thing — healthy and safe food to feed ourselves and our families.

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Continue to join the #farmtofood conversation with us. We love to connect you to farmers who grow your food!

Paul & Ellen - Camp 2016