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In September a group of us visited an apple orchard, had a picnic lunch with Professional Home Economist Mairlyn Smith and talked about how food is grown in Canada with farmer Will Bergmann. We all agreed it’s important for us to support Canadian farmers.

I heart farmers Apple Orchard | www.canolaeatwell.com

The Apple – Nature’s Perfectly Packaged Snack

Pick a Peck of Apples | www.canolaeatwell.com

We met with a apple farmer, Matt, who’s family grows 13 varieties of apples. Throughout the season he has the local food bank visit his farm to collect extra apples that they can clean and use with their clients. Such a heart warming story.

Fun Apple Facts:

  • One medium apple packs a punch with 5g of fibre, heart-healthy potassium and vitamin C.
  • Did you know that a small apple is considered one serving of fruit?!
  • There is really no excuse to not eat your apple-a-day. I mean come on, is even has it’s own packaging (the skin)!
  • Choose apples grown in Canada, wash them and eat them. It’s that simple.
  • If you are looking for longer term storage, then be sure to keep in a plastic bag, in the fridge.

For the Love of Canadian Food & Farmers

We had two fabulous guests join us and share their expertise.

Mairlyn Smith and Homegrown the Cookbook | www.canolaeatwell.comMeet Mairlyn Smith, PHEc

A Professional Home Economist, cookbook author and huge supporter of Canadian food & farmers. Such a great support that she wrote, with her fellow Professional Home Economists, a cookbook (love letter) entirely dedicated to helping you make delicious and nutritious meals using Canadian ingredients.

Mairlyn reminded us about the importance of making Canadian food choices and shared her passion for our Canadian farmers. She reminded us that by choosing seasonal Canadian ingredients at every opportunity, we can feel good about our choices. We can trust our Canadian food is grown with care and grown with pride.

Meet Will Bergmann, Canadian Farmer

As a 3rd generation Manitoba farmer, Will has a passion for growing good food. While much of what he grows on his farm is ingredient based such as canola for oil, or wheat made into flour, his family also runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) garden. Growing the garden allows Will to connect directly to many consumers that might not realize they also might be buying his food every grocery store visit while purchasing a bottle of canola oil or a bag of flour. Canadian products in our grocery stores are grown by farm families just like Will’s all across the country. 

Show your farmer love


September is a great time to celebrate farmers and all that they do to feed us while taking care of the land.

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