Spa at Home

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and as a mother and a daughter I get the best of both worlds.  As a mother I get to enjoy the day with my boys, spoiled with the time I get to spend with them and as a daughter I get to celebrate my own mom.

As a child I remember making crafts at school, bringing them home, hiding them and proudly giving them to my mom on Sunday morning.  Although my school years are behind me I still enjoy the odd craft project.

This year I’ve decided to pull out a couple home spa recipes and get my boys involved in making a little gift for my mom.

We set up shop outside in the sun and went to work.  Here are a few photos of my boys making the Body Salt Srub (recipe below).  I also included recipes below for making Bath Bombs and Canola Seed Foot Scrub.

We decided to double the recipe because we wanted enough to fill our jar and the boys wanted to have some extra so they could test it out for Grandma in their own bath.

First we measured 1 cup of Epsom salts:

Next we measured and poured 8 Tbsp of canola oil.  We used 8 Tbsp because we didn’t have any almond oil on hand so we decided to try out the recommended substitution.

Then we added in euccalyptus essential oil and we mixed, and we mixed, and we mixed.  Not that you have to mix it all that much but kids love to mix and everyone needed a turn and then another turn.









Our end result was a deliciously easy homemade gift.  It really didn’t cost anything to make because we chose to make something that allowed us to use ingredients and items we already had in our home.

If you are looking to purchase a salt scrub that uses canola oil – visit Tiber River.  One of my “What We’re Lovin’!” items for May!

For me, it’s not the cost of the gift but the thought and presentation that really makes the gift.  The joy was getting my kids involved and seeing how proud they were of what they had made.  It will be added fun when they give Grandma the homemade treat this weekend!

Be Well…Jenn



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