The Ultimate Grilled Cheese {Twitter Party & Giveaway}

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Challenge with Chef Afrim Pristine, Joey Salmingo & guests

The Great Grilled Cheese Challenge

A favourite comfort meal is the ultimate grilled cheese that you can make at home. We are looking forward to learning tips and tricks from Chef Afrim Pristine, Maître fromager of Cheese Boutique and we want you to join in on the fun.

What does the Ultimate Grilled Cheese look like to you? Do you stick with the classic cheese-only recipe or is it a sweet and salty flavour explosion? Are you particular about the way your sandwich is cut, bringing back childhood memories of how mama used to make it?

Join the Conversation {Giveaway}

Join us for The Great Grilled Cheese Twitter Party where we’ll be talking about the bread and everything in between. We’ll be livecasting on Periscope from our event with Afrim Pristine and host, Joey Salmingo!

Twitter Party: 7pm – 8pm EST
No RSVP required

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192 thoughts on “The Ultimate Grilled Cheese {Twitter Party & Giveaway}

  1. I cut my grilled cheese in half and diagonally! Sometimes I don’t even cut it all, I’m more interested in eating it!! lol

  2. I like to cut all my sandwiches differently. Grilled cheese, which my family loves, gets cut into four triangular pieces corner to corner.

  3. I cut my grilled cheese sandwich on the you get every edge of the sandwich when you pick up a piece.

    Thanks for the delicious chance to win ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. I like to cut my grilled cheese sandwich right down the middle.
    No matter how you cut them, they are super Yummo!!

  5. I now like to use bread with substance rather than the white I preferred when I was a kid. The rest remains pretty much the same but I add thinly sliced onions.

  6. I cut it straight down the middle and then stick it back together for a second to make it extra ooey gooey!

  7. I like to cut mine in half corner to corner. If I am making them for my grandchildren I cut them out with large cookie cutters in the shape of a bear or a dinosaur to make them more fun.

  8. Diagonally. Sometimes triangles 🙂 This looks tasty! I was just started to get sick of grilled cheeses, but I think I just need to spice it up a bit!

  9. I cut my grilled cheese stuffed sandwich in triangles and I love to display it with some additional dressing

  10. I cut my grilled cheese into 2 even rectangles otherwise, my son will have nothing to do with it. Apparently triangles taste different…

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  11. Always diagonally if Im suing sliced bread but I will leave Rolls etc and my artisan breads whole and do them in my panning press yum !

  12. Right down the middle but I use my I love you stamper on the bread for my daughter & husband when making one for them & don’t slice it so they can see the message!

  13. I cut my grill cheese straight across so I lose less cheese filling, eat without cutting often too!

  14. Have always cut mine diagonally into triangles. My little kiddo also wants her grilled cheese cut into 4 parts and she calls it her grilled cheese pizza.

  15. I like to use rye bread that is in oval so I would then simply halve or cut in thick strips for son. if square bread I go on the diagonal though for some reason

  16. I don’t usually cut my grilled cheese sandwiches, but when I do I cut it from corner to corner to form two tasty triangles.

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