Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Exercise in the New Year

gym shoes or runners and workout accessories outdoorsExercise more in 2013

10. Work that core

Your abdomen and back are the center of your body and need special attention. Try a Pilates class to help you get on track. Pilates is 100% focused on strengthening your core and, in my opinion, the most important exercises you could do as you get older. It strengthens and stretches.

9. Try new things

Make a resolution to try 1 new fitness class or DVD every month. You may find something that you really love and loving your exercise will make it MUCH easier to do! I find that I start to slack on exercise when I get bored with what I’m doing. There are so many great programs out there. Once you accumulate a few, or many in my case, you can alternate through them to keep your body from hitting a plateau…and keeping yourself interested.

Some Fitness classes to try:

Fusion : yoga, Pilates and resistance
Abs, buns, thighs
Cardio Sculpt: cardio aerobics with weights and core
Bootcamp:  includes all sorts basic exercises that are easy to follow but very challenging

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8. Set goals!!

Not only should you set long term goals of your final results but set short term goals that can be achieved within a month or two. Seeing results and being able to cross something off your list is very important when it comes to sticking with a program. Make yourself up a calendar every month and cross off the days as you accomplish them and set yourself a reward for the last day of the month.

7. Take note of all kinds of results

Are you standing up taller because your back is getting stronger? Are you feeling less back pain? Are you finding that you are increasing the amount of weight you are using as you resistance train? Are you getting more flexible? Keep track of these things as you go along. I also find that if you are wanting to lose weight, a more accurate way of doing this is to measure yourself. As you start to lose fat and gain muscle your weight gain must slow down because muscle weighs more than fat.

6. Make a plan

If you want to lift weights 3 times a week then start with that. Only add on to your plan when you feel like you already have a habit formed. Remember that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Build one reasonable habit and then keep adding until you are satisfied with the amount of exercise you are getting.

5. Be reasonable!

Don’t start a program that has you exercising 6 days a week when you haven’t been exercising at all. Start with 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes and work up from there.

4. Workout while you work

Take some initiative at your work place. Encourage a walking meeting instead of sit-and-eat-doughnuts meeting. group walking near canola field

3. Know your limits!

Even highly active people need breaks from working out. Listen to your body and know when you should only go 60% instead of 80% intensity in your workout. Also, if you’re doing a regular exercise regimen of 3-5 times per week, you should think about doing that for 3 weeks and then for the 4th week, only workout 2-3 times and take it easy for those workouts. You’ll find your body has time to recover and you’ll come back stronger and with more energy.

2. Get a Buddy

Recruit a friend for accountability – make sure you find someone who is equally as serious as you are about your goals.


When you achieve one of your goals, make it a momentous event! Buy yourself a new pair of jeans, get a massage or just revel in the fact that you are making it happen as your clothes look better and you’re getting more and more compliments. Plus the extra energy alone will make you feel great about yourself!

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How are you going to increase your exercise in the new year?

Keep Well…Kristy

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