Underlying Beliefs: The Tip of The Iceberg

You are meeting with a colleague to discuss an issue and you can’t wait to tell her what you think! You heard that a new initiative will be rolled out at the local daycare where your children attend and you can’t wait to tell them what you think!  You know you should be more active and make better eating choices but you just can’t seem to get around to doing either!

Underlying Beliefs

What is holding you back from waiting to hear the other side of the story? Or waiting to try a new initiative? How about doing what you say you know you should do? At the core of it all is what’s called your Underlying Automatic Commitments or your Underlying Beliefs.   These are unconscious beliefs that many of us use to help us make decisions or guide us how to react negatively or respond positively to certain situations and challenges. We are often not conscious or aware of them but they dictate our thoughts, actions and consequent results we see in our lives!

Our Underlying Beliefs run very deep so deep that the only way we can figure out what they are we have to look at theresults in our lives and critically assess them to see what is holding us back or causing us to move forward.  These Underlying Beliefs are very similar to an iceberg.  We might see the tip of the iceberg but we don’t know the full depth or breadth of what lies below.  If we underestimate our Underlying Beliefs we run the risk of ending up just like the Titanic!

Assess your Underlying Beliefs by reflecting on the following questions:

What is one area in your life you tend to soar?
What actions do you consistently take to achieve the positive results in this aspect of your life?
What is one area in your life you tend to struggle with?
What actions do you consistently take that give you negative results in this aspect of your life?

Your answers to the above questions will lead you to the positive and negative effects of your underlying beliefs. These answers will help you create awareness around your deep beliefs about these areas of your life.  From here you are set to start creating new and more supportive beliefs!

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