What We’re Lovin’ for July

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What Ellen’s Lovin’

Green Sauce

Grilling in the Outdoors

Grilling meat and vegetables from around the world are uniquely different yet also the same.   You need an outdoor cooking vessel, charcoal for the best flavour, your choice of meat, maybe sticks to skewer the meat, vegetables and canola oil because it can take the heat!

What really makes grilling different around the world, is the Sauce!  Check out my top 5 BBQ sauces to keep your mouth watering all season long.  The line-up includes; chimichurri, romesca, green sauce, classic and rhubarb!  What’s your favourite sauce for the grill?

What Jenn’s Lovin’

Get Summer Active Outdoors

Yoga in a canola field | www.canolaeatwell.comYou don’t need much to be active outdoors this summer.  A pair of comfy shoes, water, sunscreen and bug spray can be all you need.  In a world that’s fast paced and always connected, summer can be a great time to unplug and get outdoors.  It can be as simple as completing an errand on foot or on bicycle in your neighbourhood or as elaborate as hauling kayaks, canoes or boats to the nearest creek, river or lake.  Getting outdoors with your family and friends feeds your soul, creates bonds and awakens your senses.

There is no better way to appreciate and foster a love of nature than to get outside, listen to the sounds, look at the sights and soak up the energy of what’s around you. You’ll find me this summer, pounding the pavement, stretching on my yoga mat and learning to kayak at the lake. It’s what’s taking me outdoors and I’m lovin’ it!

What Simone’s Lovin’

Calgary Stampede

Chase 3D | www.canolaeatwell.comIf you′ve been on Stampede grounds in Calgary, you may have admired a number of horse sculptures that greet you in the front of the buildings. If you′ve been to the Children′s Museum in Indianapolis the world′s tallest dinosaur (72 feet in total) hangs its head over the roof. And if you′ve been to Rome and visited the Vatican, you may have noticed the detailed front doors. All of these are examples of the work of Across the Board Creations – a Canadian company situated in the valleys of southern British Columbia.

So when we wanted to develop a new canola display featuring some of the characters from the Chase Superman Duffy books, it was to them that we turned for assistance. And this July 3-12, visitors to the Stampede will have the first opportunity to meet 3-D Chase, grandpa the farmer, grandma the home cook, chef Mr. Nicholson, Mrs. Kratzky the teacher, and Kevin the biodiesel jet engine funny car driver.

If you are in the area, drop by and let the display staff introduce you.

Eat Well…Ellen, Jenn & Simone