What We’re Lovin’ for June!

What Wendy’s Lovin’:
Jardins Saint-Léon Gardens  – a seasonal outdoor market on St. Mary’s road that just opened up for the year. They carry fresh locally-grown, fruits, vegetables, flowers, bedding plants and other Manitoba-made products like Bothwell cheese and Danny’s Whole Hog barbecue sauces. It caters to the francophone community as French is the main language spoken at the market. Located at 419 St.Mary’s.

Asparagus- This month I am lovin’ asparagus!  It’s in season and there is so much you can do with it. During the may long weekend I visited my future in-laws at their farm in St. Amelie and we enjoyed fresh asparagus with our meals that weekend.  We had it drizzled in canola oil and balsamic vinegar topped with chives one night, but my favourite was an asparagus soup we had for lunch one day.  Home made soup with fresh asparagus straight form the garden – it doesn’t get any better that that! What’s your favourite asparagus recipe?

Keith & Renee – I love live music and I like supporting local musicians. Keith and Renee are local singer-songwriters. I discovered Keith’s musical talents in yoga classes. He’s also a yoga instructor and I had the pleasure of attending some of his music yoga classes.  A couple of weeks ago Moksha Yoga Kildonan held a luminary lit yoga class with Keith playing as a fundraiser for Relay for Life. The combination of a luminary lit class with Keith’s guitar and voice was very powerful.  I immediately downloaded their latest cd on itunes!

What Ellen’s Lovin’:
Basil – I love the smell, I love all the different varieties that you can have and it’s great for so many dishes.  I can’t wait to have fresh basil, local tomatoes, canola oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and some Bothwell cheese! yum. Check out Jenn’s post Fresh Basil to see how she is using her basil.

Bread maker – Garage sales are a great place to find a bread maker, if you don’t’ have one or if you do have one, dig it out and start baking!  I shared a fantastic Whole Wheat Quinoa Bread with you in People, Passion and Food from Joan Ttooulias.  Enjoy!

Plant Sales  – from my local Horticultural Society.  I go every year saying I only need a few and always come home with two trays of plants or more.  I think my best find was an old fashion Clematis.  They are hearty, beautiful! I would love to find another.

What Jenn’s Lovin’:
Rhubarb – It reminds me of warm, sunny June days.  My grandma made the best rhubarb custard pie and it makes my mouth tart just thinking about it.  This year I’ve harvested as much of my rhubarb as possible and have it in the freezer so I can make strawberry rhubarb jam once those local strawberries are ready to be picked!

My Kobo eReader – I just love my Kobo eReader!  Every time you finish a book you have another one at your fingertips.  I just finsihed the third book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.  What are you reading?

Map My Run – I was recently asked to join a relay team for the Manitoba Marathon on June 17 and Map My Run helps me track the distance and pace I’m running.  As a brand new runner I just love how I can chart my progress.

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