What We’re Lovin’ – January Edition

This is the first month of our new column – What We’re Lovin’!  The idea came about when we were brainstorming one afternoon and it came up that we all love it when people that we follow post and talk about products, ideas, items, etc that they are currently just loving or can’t live without.

We soon realized that although we have many similarities we all had very different items we were just loving.  It was neat to hear about each others items and decided to share with you our monthly “What We’re Lovin’!”.

As our readers we would love to hear from you so email or send us your comments about what you are lovin’ so we can check it out and you’ll be entered to win one of our monthly prize packs!!

Here we go…

What Jenn’s Lovin’:

  • Bloglovin’www.bloglovin.com allows you to keep track of all those blogs you follow in one easy to find place.
  • Parchment Papermakes for a super easy, mess-free, non-stick option in your kitchen.  Just bought a 205 ft roll…I think I’m set for a while!
  • My Canon T2i – This camera has renewed my interest in capturing the moment.

What Wendy’s Lovin’:

  • Red & Glitter – I’m loving the way a small pop of colour can bright up a room, even in the smallest of apartments.  I have added little touches of festive red and it was economic too. All items shown, except for the red plant pot are from dollarama! The plant pot was also a steal itself at $4.99 from Ikea.

What Ellen’s Lovin’: 

  • Adele – Music that feeds my soul.  Visit her site at www.adele.tv/home/
  • 0% Greek Yogurt with Dried Cherry Granola – The perfect afternoon snack or part of a nutritious breakfast. Yum! You can get the granola recipe at here or I’ve posted it below for easy finding.
  • T & T Seeds Catalogue – I can’t wait to garden.  I love looking at the catalogue in anticipation of spring. Check out their site at www.ttseeds.com
Be Well…
Jenn, Ellen & Wendy!

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