Best of: Coast to Coast 2016

Canola Oil Coast to Coast Recipes

Throughout the year, our Coast to Coast feature is a collection of recipes that we find and share with our readers. It has been fun to see what others dream up in their kitchens whether they #cookwithcanola or #bakewithcanola – we’ve loved following the blogs and sharing the recipes with our readers!

Here’s a look back at our Coast to Coast themes from 2016:

Have an Eat In Valentines Day Dinner
We put together a thoughtful menu for the perfect eat-in family Valentine’s Day Dinner in February.


Veggie-Full Stir Fries
March was all about encouraging you to #EatMoreVeggies with veggie-full stir-fry ideas.


Coast To Coast: Fire Up The Grill!
We fired up the grill in the Spring and shared some ideas for the grill.


Canola Coast To Coast: Pasta Edition
The Fall had us craving pasta and sharing some mouth-watering pasta recipes.


Brunch Inspirations
It’s no secret that we love brunch, and so do Canadians from coast to coast! Pulling together 10 brunch inspirations was lots of fun and got us thinking that we need to brunch more often!


Holiday Baking
We know many Canadians who love to #bakewithcanola and sharing their holiday baking recipes got us into the spirit of the season once again!



We continue to look for recipes online using canola oil in 2017!  When we find them, we will share them.

Are you a Canadian blogger or recipe aficionado and have recipes online using canola oil that you’d like us to share? Tweet them to us or tag us @CanolaEatWell or post them to our Facebook page.

You might just find your favourite picks in a 2017 Canola Coast to Coast edition!

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