10 Great Herb Tips

Chef MJ Feeke’s Pair It Up Parsley Sauce. How will you use it?

As promised, here are my 10 Great Herb Tips:

1. Yes, you can convert fresh for dry herbs

For every 1 Tbsp of fresh herbs, you use 1 tsp of dry herbs.  Dry herbs need to be steeped; they go in at the start of the cooking process while fresh is added at the end. Read more at Fresh or Dried Herbs: What’s a cook to do.

2. Add fresh herbs at the end

Most fresh herbs are added to the end of the cooking time of the dish.  There are exceptions like for thyme and oregano.

3. Add some fresh herbs whole

Add the whole stalk of thyme and or oregano to soups, sauces and stews and removed once the cooking time is up.

4. Buy Small

Buy your dried herbs in small containers.  Use them and every 6 months restock.

5. Dry your herbs to extend their life

Dehydrate any left-over fresh herbs. Just hang them to dry.  Clean, pat dry the herbs.  Tie a bunch together by the stem in a well-ventilated area and walk away.  Check out for great instructions and a how-to at www.canadiangardening.com

6. Make a fresh herb paste

When I have left over basil, cilantro or parsley.  I put them in my blender; make sure they are clean and dry.  With the blender running add a small drizzle of water or canola oil to make a paste.  Divide up into approximately 1 Tbsp piles or in the ice cube trays and freeze them.  Once frozen, pop them into a freezer bag.   Add to dishes with complementary flavours.

7. Plant a herb garden

Need we say more?  Pick your favourites and go from there.

8. Make Pesto

Make pesto with basil, but why not try blends of flavours like cilantro, parsley, chives.  Here is a Classic Pesto recipe with basil.

9. Make a Sauce

Try Chef Mary Jane’s Pair it Up Parsley Sauce, and watch her video below

10. Experiment more often!

Experiment with new herbs at home.  If you are not sure which herb should to with what then you can check our herb chart to use as a guide.

What is the herb that you would like to use more often? I would love to cook with sage and tarragon more often.

Eat Well…Ellen


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