Food Day Canada farmer’s market giveaway

This Saturday, August 4th, we will celebrate Food Day Canada. Over the years, it has become an annual celebration, held the Saturday of the August long weekend. It’s a weekend most Canadians already spend sharing Canadian foods with family and friends in some way or another.

Whether it’s out at the lake, camping, visiting loved ones in other provinces, or just barbequing at home, we bet you’ll be enjoying a meal with some fabulous Canadian food somewhere. Chances are you’re heading to a local farmer’s market to pick up some ingredients too.

We’ve come up with 5 things to remember to do on your next trip to the farmer’s market this weekend. (Don’t stop reading early! See #5 for a fun giveaway we have planned in celebration of Food Day Canada.)

Top 5 things to remember on your next trip to the farmer’s market

1)  Shop around

We all tend to choose a favourite vendor for certain things, but you may be limiting yourself. I tried beets from a different vendor this past weekend, and guess what? They’re just as fantastic as my usual ones. This also allows you to shop around for selection, price and you’ll get to know more vendors and farmers this way.

2) Be adventurous  

I can’t stress this one enough. We have so much incredible produce, do yourself a favour and discover something new. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how it’s prepared or cooked, ask the vendor, they’ll be happy to talk to you!

3) Keep your hands to yourself

We know everything smells so fresh and looks delicious, but try not to snap every single bean, pull apart heads of lettuce or poke every tomato.

4) Money matters

One thing people don’t think about often is to bring cash, or the right kind of cash. Not a lot of vendors accept credit or debit cards. Bring small bills as larger ones are hard to break, and change is greatly appreciated. Especially loonies, toonies and quarters.

5) Pack a bag

Last but not least…bring a reusable bag! In honour of Food Day Canada, we’ll be giving out FREE reusable bags at three farmer’s markets and stands this weekend.  Food Day Canada and the biggest day of the week for farmer’s market do not fall on the same day by coincidence.

For your convenience we’ll be north of Winnipeg, in St.Norbert and east of Portage La Prairie.

Get your free reusable bag!

St.Norbert Farmer’s Market

The first 200 visitors to make a purchase from the Mayfair vendor booth or sign up for the Be Well e-newsletter at the booth will receive a free reusable bag (starting at 8 a.m.)

Little Red Barn

The first 100 visitors at Little Red Barn, located 12 km east of Portage la Prairie on Hwy 1, will receive a complimentary Be Well reusable bag.


East Selkirk

The first 100 visitors at Chorney’s Vegetable and Fruits in East Selkirk will receive a complimentary Be Well reusable bag. They’re located at the corner of Highway 59 and Road 80 (near the Hwy 4 turnoff). The Chorney family runs this produce stand and the selection is plentiful! While you’re there, say hi to of our MCGA directors, Brian Chorney. In this post, Brian shares with us how his family keeps sustainability top of mind on their farm.

Don’t forget to enter our Food Day Canada contest in this post and see our Food Canada Day recipe inspiration board on Pinterest.

Be Well…Wendy