Sustainability Top of Mind

Our very own Brian Chorney of East Selkirk, MB spent a day discussing how modern technology has improved the sustainability and production practices on his family farm.  Check out the this video brought to us by CropLife International that captures his key thoughts on the topic.

Brian’s family members have been stewards of the land for over 90 years and make farm decisions to ensure that generations to come will have the same opportunity to farm their land.  Farmers are under great pressure to maximize their yeilds to feed our every growing world population.  It is families and farms such as the Chorney’s that are going to ensure that we have healthy food for centuries to come.

Join me this Sunday at Open Farm Day to meet the Van Ryssel’s, another MB farm family, that run a successful Dairy Farm and use canola meal in their feed to increase milk production by 1L per cow per day! See you there!

Be Well… Jenn

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