Thanks Kristy for keeping us well

Kristy has been part of our Be Well team since the beginning.  She has brought to us her expertise on food, nutrition and exercise.  Last month was Kristy’s last official article with us.  We’d like to thank Kristy for sharing her knowledge and keeping us informed about health, nutrition and fitness.  Thanks Kristy for keeping us well!

This month we’ve chosen to highlight Kristy’s top 4 posts over the past year.

Spice it up

Why you should eat; ginger, cayenne, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and garlic.

Water and you

How much water do you really need to drink?  Do I need sports drinks?

water in glasses

Keeping your eyes healthy

A list of 10 foods that will help retain, maintain and possibly even IMPROVE your eye sight.

Fresh Blueberries

Kick your metabolism to the next level

If you need to give your metabolism a kick, these 5 tips will get you on your way!

We wish you all the best Kristy and keep in touch!

Be Well…Jenn

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