Make it a repeat

What is one thing from 2012 you’d love to repeat in 2013?

“…another year’s over and a new one just begun…” –John Lennon

If you are like most people you might have a few New Year’s resolutions you have made. I had a good laugh recently, I was having a talk with a colleague and friend of mine and she calmly said one of her New Year’s resolutions is to start flossing.  We had a good laugh on that one, only because of the simplicity and for her, difficulty in getting this habit to stick.

Set daily intentions

Had another chat with some more friends this past week and one of them told us she makes New Year’s resolutions because they are fun to make! Got to love that! Personally, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s eve- I make daily intentions which by the end of the year I have over 300 hundred resolutions!  I love this approach!

Focus on what worked

Which brings me to the topic of “What is one thing in 2012 you’d love to repeat in 2013?” I am sure you have had more than a few events in the past year that if you think about it you would love to repeat in 2013. By practising this approach of looking back at the things that worked yesterday, last week, last month, before you know it you have a year’s worth of awesome events to choose from!   Too many people focus on what didn’t work and spend their energy trying not to repeat those ‘failed’ events. We know this approach keeps you in a state of constant wanting, trying and never achieving!

Put them in your calendar

So a challenge to you: Stop this moment and  take 3-5 minutes to write down  off the top of your head as many amazing things you did, or experienced through others in the past year. Next, number these events and finally, put them in your smart phone calendar and choose recurring appointment never to end!  If you could only come up with 1 run with that, if you came up with 10 put them  in your calendar for each to pop up over the next 10 days and of course, make them recurring!

Remember, you create your own reality why not choose one that is amazing!

Live Well…Phyllis

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