Top 10 Resolutions You SHOULD be Making!

Top 10 Resolutions You SHOULD be Making!
1.  Eat more vegetables! Try and find some new vegetables you’ve never tried before or find new recipes to “remake” the vegetables you like the most. Adults today do not eat enough vegetables and should be getting anywhere from 5-10 servings of them per day!
2.  Exercise at a moderate intensity 3-5 times per week. Not only will this help those pounds fly off your body, it will enhance your immune system so that you can stay healthy longer.
3.  Eat breakfast! Such a great way to start off your day. It wakes your body up and helps you start processing sooner and more effectively. If you don’t get hungry in the morning, it is because you have programmed your body that way. Your body knows that it won’t get food until later in the day, so the hunger doesn’t come. If you were to start eating breakfast, even if it’s just a cup of juice and a boiled egg, at least you’d get some nutrients in your body. It is best to eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up.
4. Work more exercise into your everyday routine. Mentally walk through your day and try to find places you could add some activity. Take the stairs at work, walk/bike to work, plan a meeting during a walk, do stretches at your desk, do squats while you brush your teeth. There are so many little ways you can add activity into your day. You just need to be creative.
5.  Try to eat more in the afternoon. If you are an evening eater, the trick to helping you ward this off is eating more in the afternoon. Snacking at certain times in the day will help keep those crazy cravings at bay. If you like to snack (on unhealthy things) in the afternoon then make your breakfast or morning snack bigger and fill it up with fibre.
6. Take a new exercise class. Trying new things is one of the best way to jump start your body into weight loss. If you’ve been running for years and you still have love handles, then it may be time to try something else. Hitting a plateau in your workout routine can be bypassed if you changed things up on a regular basis. Try to do one new exercise a month and you’ll be surprised how your body responds.
7. Eat more fibre. Adults should be getting anywhere from 25-35g of fibre every day.  Here is a list of foods and the amount of fibre they have in them. If you make wise choices throughout the day you’ll find yourself eating less and losing more weight.
8. Keep your core strong! Work on those abs…AND BACK! Take a pilates class, or go find your own exercises that involve strengthening your abs just as much as your back. Keeping your core balanced is an important part of a healthy body
9. Get your portions right .Check out Canada’s Food Guide to help your adjust your servings so that you are getting only what you need. Keeping your portions in check could be the key to losing those last few pounds or starting a weight loss program.
10. Keep things fun! Don’t get down on yourself for not exercising one day or eating a piece of cake. One of the main reasons people do not stick to healthy living plans is because they get discouraged and the first sign of failure. The best thing you could do is brush yourself off and start over the next day! Don’t throw away all your hard work because of one bad day. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll notice a difference!

Good luck and have a great New Year!

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