What We’re Lovin for August

What We're Lovin for August 2013 | www.canolarecipes.caWhat Ellen’s Lovin


I love going to Folklorama.  It’s part of our Manitoba summer holiday fun.   Every year my family goes to a handful of pavilions to try the food, listen the music and watch the great performances.  If you have never gone, you must try it.  It is one of the city’s summer highlights.  It runs August 4-17, 2013.

A few of my tips:

  1. Get a guide book and plan your pavilions out ahead of time.  We attend two shows a night and plan them out so they are close together.
  2. Bring your kids
  3. Go early
  4. Divide and conquer – In my family, this is how we do it – Grandma is in charge of finding the seats with the kids, Mike stands in line for the drinks and I am in the food line ordering the food.
  5. Bring cash
  6. Have fun!

What Jenn’s Lovin

Seasonal Produce

I just love using local seasonal produce in my kitchen and this handy chart from Buy Manitoba lets me know exactly what I should be able to find from in stores from my local farmers.  What is your favourite Manitoba grown fruit or vegetable?

Buy Manitoba Seasonal Produce Guide | www.canolarecipes.ca

What Leanne’s Lovin

Summer Birthday’s

Lemon Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting | www.blog.canolarecipes.ca

I love a summer birthday party.  Both my daughter and I have our birthdays in August and the party theme options are endless.  For my daughters birthday we are going to have an Ice Cream Parlor Party.  I plan to use the Lemon Cupcake with Cheesecake Frosting recipe but instead of cupcake holders I am going to bake them in ice cream cones and frost them to look like ice cream.

I might do a batch of chocolate as well. You can never go wrong with chocolate!

Be Well…Ellen, Jenn & Leanne




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