What We’re Lovin’ for December

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What Jenn’s Lovin’

Unique Handmade Gifts

Quilt | www.canolaeatwell.comMake it yourself or seek out local crafters and artisans – the fun for me is in the hunt, selection and the creation. As many of you know, I love to sew and my stash of pillow covers, mug rugs, zipper bags and kitchen towels is quickly growing. If I make the gifts myself they are either edible or made with fabric and I can’t wait to gift them away!

Not all of us like to get crafty and I love to seek out unique treasures too. I find that many local artisans are now online or appearing at local “markets” and “pop-up shows”. The beauty of this is that you can pre-shop from home as vendors are announced online, find inspiration for your gifts (or your own crafting), learn the show dates/times and often stumble across new talent in your area.

My favourites to follow for the Manitoba Market:

Third + Bird 

Lucky Girl Pop Up Shop

Makers Move

Who do you recommend following in other locations across Canada?

What Ellen’s Lovin’

Smoked Grilled Turkey on the BBQ for our holiday dinner!

When you are smoking or grilling on the charcoal BBQ, it’s best to brine your turkey ahead of time for a minimum of 6 hours up to 24 hours.  We just made a simple brine of kosher salt, brown sugar, bay leaves and all the spices that makes up a poultry blend – thyme, marjoram, rosemary, nutmeg and black pepper and I added a few chili flakes for some spice.  Happy Holidays!

What Simone’s Lovin’

Christmas Gift Giving

On our daily walk yesterday, my friend confirmed that she never re-decorates. “When I put it there, it stays there!’ I look, I stare, I do not comment. I am not sure if this is a good thing, or simply an “I don’t care” attitude.  I am constantly shifting, moving, replacing items in my home. I contemplate…

This is December – the gift-giving season…When someone gifts something to me, I spend a lot of time thinking about what they gave and why they might have felt that it was a good choice for ME. (Sometimes, I never know the answer to this.)I leave it in a prominent place, pondering where it might best be ‘placed’ in my home so that it reflects who they are in my life, and how their gift can best be showcased.

So my questions to you are these:  when you ‘pick’ a Christmas gift, does it reflect your taste or that of the recipient? Or a combination of both? Do you expect that this gift will be displayed prominently in their homes? Or is it okay if it is stored for future use?

Which leads me to reflect on the ‘me’ who shops all year for the ‘best’ Christmas presents for family and friends. In choosing ‘a’ over something else, what am I saying? And what am I expecting?

Eat Well…Jenn, Ellen and Simone