What We’re Lovin for March

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What Ellen’s Lovin

International Women’s Day March 8, 2020

I am so grateful to have strong women in my life to be role models especially in my family.  Both grandmas, my sister and my mom have taught me hard work, persistent, standing up for yourself and others and being supportive.  As well as kindness, love and gratitude.  They have been great teachers.  Here’s to all the amazing women in my life who I cherish the lessons taught and our friendship.

I want to give a shout out to Libby Roach and her work for recognizing women (Ladies First) who are making a difference doing what they do and the challenges they have overcome in the food industry.

What Lynn’s Lovin

More than Food

March is Nutrition Month and this year, Canadian dietitians like me will be talking about how healthy eating is about so much ‘More than Food’, encouraging Canadians to consider not only what they eat, but how they eat.

Why is this theme important?  Dietitians do love food and believe in its potential to enhance lives and improve health, but we know it is also much more complex than simply prescribing nutrients to be healthy. We take a broad view of all the factors that impact healthy eating – including how we eat. This includes food literacy, food culture and traditions, food availability and sustainability. This campaign recognizes the healthy eating habits that are part of the New Canada Food Guide. http://www.canada.ca/foodguide

I encourage you to take time this month to evaluate your eating habits with the guiding principals below:

  • Eat meals with others
  • Be mindful of your eating habits
    • Take time to eat
    • Notice when you are hungry and when you are full
  • Cook more often
    • Plan what you eat
    • Involve others in planning and preparing meals
  • Enjoy your food
    • Culture and food traditions can be a part of healthy eating

Happy Nutrition Month!

What Jenn’s Lovin


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What’s Your Style?

Have you ever really taken the time to name your style? I mean literally put words (3 to be exact) to your style? I didn’t even know this was a thing, nor did I realize the power and impact it can have until I met Suzanne, Founder of Your Shop Girl last spring.
Your style and clothing is a direct representation of your brand. It’s what people see first. Here’s the thing, if you know how to dress your amazing body and you know your ideal style, it can actually become something that requires little extra effort for you. In my experience it actually takes less time, less dollars and you’ll feel a heck of a lot better about yourself too.
Curious? Start by following @your_shop_girl on Instagram. The team shares many great tips or perhaps it’s your year to be bold, reach out and book yourself a style consult so you too can be on your way simplifying your closet, your shopping and maximizing your efforts. Any guesses on my 3 style words?

Eat Well…Ellen, Lynn & Jenn

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180 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin for March

  1. nothing really. I don’t like a lot of savoury/sweet food combinations – e.g., peanut butter and jelly; pork and applesauce etc.

  2. I put sweet corn, bacon and a fried egg on my ramen all the time. It is so good, and so easy for a quick upgrade.

  3. I like smoked salmon lox with capers and cream cheese–maybe not quirky, but the best I could come up with! I did enjoy mango with chili powder at Heritage Days, too.

  4. I love Roasted Red Pepper hummus on everything (salads, veggies, egg salad sandwiches, tuna salad/sandwiches, grilled cheese, pizza, & French toast)

  5. Crumbled Lays Ripple chips on my Mac and Cheese or sour cream and red jello mixed together.

  6. Celery stuffed with peanut butter. My husband thinks this is weird but I think it’s normal and yummy.

  7. A friend of mine talked me into trying nutella on garlic sausage. It was surprisingly good.

  8. When I was a child I used to love butter and sugar sandwiches…now I find it hard to believe.

  9. Love so many of those already listed! My ‘most quirky’ and not recommended guilty pleasure is butter + crunchy nut butter (any type, as long as no other added ingredients) by spoon, straight from the jar. Sometimes I substitute mayo for the butter.

  10. I actually don’t think i have any weird food combo quirks – i guess i use ranch dressing instead of ketchup sometimes (i do not like ketchup and am not fond of most condiments). I love to use hummus and avocado instead of mayo in sandwiches.

  11. Lean ground beef, sauteed with garlic, pepper, salt, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard, served with Brussels sprouts, and … more mustard.

  12. I kinda like apple pie with ketchup on top. Someone who used to live in the house with us taught me that weird combination.

  13. One man’s quirky food combo is another man’s normal… Just sayin’… 🙂 I suppose by North American standards my quirkiest combo is grilled sardines, grilled manchego (or some other fresh goat’s cheese), olives and red wine.

  14. I recently made a weird boiled coleslaw dressing with canola oil, vinegar and pretty much a dozen unconventional spices. The slaw was a mixture of cabbage, red & orange peppers, and red onion. I discovered that this wild slaw sure jazzes up a cottage cheese lunch!

  15. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Gluten Free Popovers, it’s always great when you can have Gluten Free options. Keep up the good work. Have a good day be safe


  16. I love roasted red pepper hummus on everything including: veggies as a dip, spinach salads, egg salad sandwiches, tuna melts, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, and the list goes on……

  17. chaffles with pepperoni, pizza sauce & mozarella on top – cooked in the air fryer for about 5 minutes! best low carb pizza substitute!

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