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Every year I resolve to not make New Year’s resolutions, and every January 1st, I find myself making a mental list of must-dos (and definitely-don’ts) for the coming 12 months. Past year’s unspoken lists have included everything from “climb a mountain” to “drink less diet soda”. (Done and done!)

This year, I am just going to embrace the notion. I’m making a list of 13 resolutions (for 2013, of course) and putting it out there for the world to see and STEAL. Everything on this list is absolutely attainable and only moderately virtuous; I’m not talking about making huge sacrifices or lifestyle changes here.

In 2013, I resolve to…

Try Something New

Every year, my list includes “Learn to Surf”. Being somewhat far from the ocean has made that difficult, so this year I am opening it up to other activities. I would love to try rowing or stand-up paddleboarding, both of which are terrific workouts and can be done locally.

Celebrate My Body

Our bodies are amazing machines capable of unbelievable things…so why do we spend so much time complaining about them? First step: declaring an all-out ban on the words “butt” and “thighs” and replacing them with “glutes” and “quads”. See? Sounds better (and stronger) already!

yoga in canola field

Stop Circling the Parking Lot

This is possibly the greatest irony of the gym – the people who run, walk and climb on the cardio equipment are the same people who will circle endlessly for the closest parking spot. Why not start your workout the minute you step out of your vehicle? And, this applies to the grocery store and the mall, as well. If it’s so cold (or hot or rainy) that you might die from an extra 30 second walk, then perhaps you should stay home. Just sayin’.

Take the Stairs

I used to work in a 6 storey building and I was amazed by how many people took the elevator from the first floor to the second, and vice versa. And here I was feeling somewhat guilty for going up 5 floors.


Be Indulgent

This can be as simple as locking the bathroom door for an hour and taking a hot bubble bath, or as elaborate as scheduling yourself for a series of Hammam treatments at the spa. Whatever it takes to make you feel like you are spoiled. For me, pure indulgence is a deep-tissue massage and a soak in a mineral pool.

Step Outside My Comfort Zone

We have a saying at the gym: “the more things stay the same, the more they stay the same.” The best way to maintain status quo is to stay in your comfort zone, so, logically, the best way to change is to get out of it. I can do push-ups off my knees until the cows come home, but the idea of doing more than a half-dozen off my toes makes me nervous. This year, I resolve to suck it up and get those knees off the floor more often. It may mean less reps at first, but I know that I’ll improve and the rewards for challenging myself mentally and physically will be worth the effort.

Walk for Charity

THIS will be the year that I join a charity walk or run. No excuses.

running for charity

Stand Up/Sit Up Tall

Proper posture is not just good for the body, it’s good for the mind. When you straighten up and tighten up your core, you not only feel better (What back pain?), you LOOK better. And who doesn’t want to look taller, slimmer and more confident?

Laugh More

Laughter really is the best medicine. A good laugh relieves stress and muscle tension, releases “feel good” endorphins, and literally gets the blood flowing. Plus, it helps to remind us to not take things too seriously – at the gym or in life in general. (When I collapse in a heap after my push-ups, I might need a reminder to laugh.)

Take it Easy

Simply stated, muscles need time to recover and repair in order to get stronger. To achieve results, rest is a vital component of any fitness regime. (Full disclosure: When it comes to rest days, I can be a huge hypocrite. I preach them, but I don’t often practice them. This year, I am going to look at the blanks on my workout calendar as successes, and not as failures.)

running shoes and workout grear

Set a Goal

Or five. Or ten. Make the first one easy to achieve to boost your confidence and then make each one after that just a little loftier. Want to run a 5k this year, or maybe a half-marathon? Pick a date, put it in writing, and create a work-back schedule from there. And be sure to tell someone who will hold you accountable.

Reward Myself

This goes right along with goal-setting and incorporates indulgence. Once you’ve achieved your goal, celebrate it! Did you make it to all of your early morning kettleball classes for 2 straight months? Well, now you can justify buying those buttery-soft workout gloves. You completed that half-marathon? It’s massage time!

Drink Like a Fish

Water. I’m talking about water. Dehydration can lead to headaches, cramping, dizziness and decreased performance. Start with 8-16 oz before you begin to exercise and then aim for 4-8 oz every 15 minutes during your workout. I know, it sounds like you’ll be spending most of your time in the bathroom, but don’t forget that you’ll be losing plenty of fluids through sweating. Even for those of us who are too ladylike to sweat. Ahem.

water in glasses

I’d love to hear about your fitness resolutions and/or which of my resolutions you plan to add to your list. Comment below and share your list.

Live Well…Rebecca

Rebecca in canola fieldRebecca is a Certified Spinning Instructor, fitness instructor, blogger (Relish and Everything is ticketyboo! ), artist, reluctant morning person, and notorious killer-of-plants. She lives in a foliage-free home with her teenage son, Jacob.

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