Myth: Organic foods are the safest and healthiest choice for you.

Nutrition Month Myth Busting

March is Nutrition Month

A time to reflect on eating habits, to celebrate the nutritious food we can access in Canada and most importantly it’s time to bust some top nutrition myths.

Each week we will be sharing a top myth from the Dietitians of Canada and a recipe created in partnership with Heart and Stroke. Knowledge is power and when we can learn together, we can grow together.

Eating 9 to 5!

Nutrition Month 2015 is dedicated to eating well at work and on the go.  Our friends at the Dietitians of Canada call this – Eating 9 to 5! 

Let’s get packing those veggies and fill #HalfYourPlate.. or lunch box!

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Eat Well…Jenn

Myth: Organic foods are the safest and healthiest choice for you.

Vegetables | www.canolaeatwell.comTHE TRUTH: Both organic and non-organic foods are nutritious and safe to eat when you’re making healthy choices based on Canada’s Food Guide.

Many factors affect a food’s nutritional value, such as where and how it was grown, stored, shipped and even how it was cooked. So organic foods may have more, about the same, or less nutrients than non-organic foods.

And both organic and non-organic foods are grown and produced under strict regulations to make sure they are safe for you to eat. Like any food purchase, buying organic food is a personal choice.

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Truth: Fill #HalfYourPlate with fruits and vegetables.

Stoplight Sandwich | www.canolarecipes.caFill #halfyourplate with fruits and vegetables at every meal. Try Beet Salad with Pears and Arugula with your next lunch or dinner (recipe below) or load the sandwiches you pack for lunch with veggies(pictured left).

Make everyday a 7-10 day. It can be tricky to remember what makes a serving of fruit or vegetables.  Visit for a refresher.


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