What We’re Lovin for January

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What Jenn’s Lovin’

Homemade Pizza

It’s dark early, there’s a chill in the air and nothing warms up my home faster than homemade pizza night. This is my go-to, versatile, simple, forgiving pizza dough recipe that is sure to turn you into a dough master! I’ve made it early in the day and set to rise in the fridge, I’ve doubled it up, I’ve made it into calzones, breadsticks, mini pizzas, I’ve only used all-purpose flour for an even lighter dough and I’ve added seasonings to the dough for a fun twist. Master the basics in this video and you’ll be adding this simple meal night into your weekly plan.

What are you favourite pizza toppings? Are you on team pineapple?

What Ellen’s Lovin’

Word of the Year

Ring in the New Year not with resolutions but instead with a Word of the Year.

For the past 3 years, I have set a word of the year.  For me, it’s an intention, mantra or a cue.  They are like a road map and a reminder for how to live out each day.

2018 was about MORE, 2019 was TUNE IN and as I take the month to reflect in January, I will set my 2020 Word of the Year and share back in February with you all.

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330 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin for January

  1. Not sure I can pick just one…
    Maple sugar is a staple in my house.
    Milk and cheese are also staples.
    Strawberry picking with the kids to make jam and ++ yummy items is a yearly tradition.
    Local honey is always in my pantry as well.

  2. Canadian beef! (Spent a few months in Panama and the two things I couldn’t wait to get home to were beef and baking.)

  3. How does one pick a single favourite Canadian ingredient?! I love Canadian lentils, potatoes and beef! But anything that is grown locally and raised regionally is awesome!

  4. NB Fiddleheads, PEI baby potatoes and fresh Atlantic salmon make my favourite Canadian Spring meal entirely of Canadian products

  5. This is a tricky question to answer, as it’s a) impossible to pick just one and b) a lot of the items are seasonal. I love Atlantic Salmon, P.E.I. Potatoes, Maple Syrup from Quebec or Ontario, wild blue berries picked on Cape Breton Island, fresh Ontario asparagus or even better fiddleheads. Apples from B.C., the list is endless and I just cannot pick a favorite!

  6. My favourite Canadian ingredient is maple syrup. It adds just the right amount of sweetness when needed and its’ distinctive taste is unmatched. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  7. I love potato pancakes fried to a golden brown in Canola oil and topped off with some good Canadian maple syrup. So Yummo! 🙂

  8. I have a lot of favourite Canadian ingredients: Canola Oil, Maple Syrup, Honey Crisp Apples, PEI Potatoes, and the list goes on…..

  9. My Favorite Canadian Food Product is P.E.I Potatoes, A staple in our home and even when I was growing up, with 100’s of recipes from Appetizer to Desert.

  10. Oh my goodness! Until you asked, I didn’t realize just how many great things we have to eat in Canada. I guess I’ll have to say the Cheese is my favourite.

  11. My favourite Canadian ingredient to cook with is cheese, specifically Armstrong cheese that is made locally where I live. It is so rich and creamy and I love to cook it in everything.

  12. we have some much good food in canada. canadian dairy products like milk, cheese. then our canadian beef. pototoes etc….let’s not forget our maple syrup

  13. I like home made pizza and usually make it that way. I like the video for how to make your own pizza sauce.

  14. Canadian Blueberries is my favourite fruit year round. I put them on toast and peanut butter, covering my toast with the fresh blueberries. I pick them in the summertime and freeze them also.

  15. There are so many Canadian products I love and use daily… because I have to pick just one, I will say Maple Syrup. Yum.

  16. There are so many great Canadian products to choose from! If I have to choose one, it would be Canadian beef.

  17. I love so many Canadian products but my favorite would be maple syrup. I use it as a natural sweetener whenever I can!

  18. I like in the Okanagan so fruit is my favourite ingredient! Apples, pears, cherries, berries, peaches, apricots……..yummy!

  19. Maple syrup is my favourite Canadian ingredient. I cook pork chops in in and I add maple syrup to my plain yogurt

  20. My favourite Canadian ingredient is cheese. There are so many varieties that compliment many dishes.

  21. What we’re/I’m lovin’ as (one of) my favourite Canadian ingredients???

    Have any of you tried Niagara grapes? A delicious snack anytime. (and fun if you can get your better half to peel them for you!) And if you happen to find them a little hesitant to hand feed you tiny, sweet morsels straight from the bunch, try the grapes alter-ego…


  22. What I love is a nice hot tasty home made stew, made with Canadian Grade A beef, fresh home grown vegetables and potatoes.

  23. Everything Canadian is good, especially all grains, dairy and vegetables.
    We need to support our Farmers.

  24. Canadian dairy, Canadian canola, Alberta beef, Local fruit and vegetables – I try to buy local as much as possible

  25. all the grains like wheat, barley, flax etc., for nutritious bread products. Also have to add wild pinch cherries and cranberries.

  26. very hard to pick one!!!! so proud to be Canadian. i would have to say i love our locally grown fruits, mostly peaches from Winona and i go to their Winona peach festival every year! need peaches in my life!

  27. The very Canadian McIntosh apple with the tart & sweet taste and juicy crunch, perfect alone or prepared in many delicious recipes. Those apple memories run deep…Fresh picked is my favorite! My grade school summers spent under or in my Dads Mac apple tree he planted for us. As an 8 yr old sitting near the top of the tree,the buzzing of insects and the brightness of the day still fresh in memory. I plucking ripe enough apples and tossing them down to my best friend, laughing as 9 year old do. So immersed in our play I said Beverlyeverlyapple as if all one word and we laughed! I meant to say Beverly pick up every apple. Funny what a flavor can remind you of! Enjoy your day!

  28. I love all things Canadian but peaches, Cherries and blueberries are my fave! Cheeses, Canola oil I use to cook everything. So proud to live in this amazing country. So much to be proud of.

  29. Mustard grown on the Canadian prairies is my favourite ingredient. So many delicious and creatively prepared mustards are made with Canadian mustard seeds by many small artisan craft businesses. Enhances so many other foods and compliments flavours.

  30. Fresh Atlantic Salmon with PEI Baby potatos mashed with canola and fresh dill and Saskatoon pie for dessert!! Yum, Yum!

  31. My Favorite Canadian Food is all the Fresh Fruit grown here to eat fresh or otherwise. It surpasses fruit from other countries. I just printed the recipe for ‘Apple Bundt Cake’ – will make that this weekend.

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