What We’re Lovin’ for November

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What Jenn’s Lovin

All the Quilts

Over the last few years I’ve reignited my love for quilting and textiles. It’s the time of year I pull out all the extra quilts and sprinkle them about my home for everyone to use and enjoy. I’ve even been known to thrift the odd quilt here and there because I love them that much. I share many of my projects on my IG account @jeniferdyck if you are interested in following along on my textile adventures.

What Lynn’s Lovin

New Cookbooks

Lynn with Cookbook author Lidia

The Taste Canada Awards were handed out earlier in November. I love discovering new cookbooks and celebrating all the Canadian cookbook authors.

What is better than a new cookbook? Having your cookbook signed by one of your favorite cookbook authors.

Thanks, Lidia!

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108 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin’ for November

  1. I don’t really have a favorite author I enjoy all Canadian recipe books Naomi Hansen who recently published an awesome cook book of popular Saskatchewan recipes

  2. My favorite cookbook author is Jean Pare. My Mom collected her Companys Comings books before her passing. I have carried on the tradition and prepare her recipes constantly.

  3. Jean Paré (author of the “Company’s Coming” cookbook series) is my favourite Canadian cookbook author! 🙂

  4. Years ago a friend wrote a cookbook called “Everyday Indian.” It’s my favurite because she mentions me in it. 🙂

  5. I love Elizabeth Baird cookbooks, she has also done some pretty amazing things such as founding the breakfast for learning in the schools. Elizabeths cookbooks are very simple to follow, Love them!

  6. Happily, we have a wealth of cookbook authors in Canada. I love Michael Smith’s books because the recipes work and his manner makes everything seem possible.

  7. I honestly don’t have one favorite. I love cookbooks with pictures of the recipes and with ingredients that one doesn’t have to go out to buy and only use once or twice in the recipe or in other foods. Tasty, easy and pleasant to the eye. 🙂

  8. I have many many Jean Pare cookbooks. My favourite place to look for recipes as I have so many favourites. Very plentiful and reasonably priced at Thrift stores so if someone likes a recipe I usually have a book to hand them.

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