What We’re Lovin’ for October

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What Jenn’s Lovin

Digital Calendars

Are you team paper or digital? I wasn’t aware that there’s such a divide. I’m team digital planner all the way! Without my various overlapping digital calendars I’d be lost and so would my family. Gone are the days of carrying multiple coloured pens and an agenda. Tell me, which are you and why?

What Lynn’s Lovin

Catching a foul ball at the Jays game

The best part… giving it to the 4-year-old sitting beside us at his first ball game!

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145 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin’ for October

  1. I’m very thankful to have farmers and agricultural workers who care. And keep on working regardless of the challenges.

  2. So thankful to have a warm place to live, food to eat, people to love and who reciprocate that love, and feeling safe.

  3. I’m very thankful to have grown up on a farm and learn how hard our food producers work. And for the food they produce.

  4. I’m thankful for not having caught covid until I had 4 vaccinations and that they now have some treatments for it.

  5. I am thankful for the roof over our heads, my abudant garden this year and the continued good health of my family.

  6. I am thankful for my job and my house. Worked really hard to buy in this pandemic and I’m grateful I;m able to support myself.

  7. I’m thankful for my wife, kids and dogs. I’m thankful that I’m able to put food on my table and shelter over our heads. I’m thankful for my family and friends. There’s a lot of negative things going on in our world today, but it’s nice to step back and give thanks for what we have.

  8. I’m thankful for contests such as yours – Halloween is just around the corner, a family birthday or two is also around the corner, and then its Christmas. With 6 children, a son in law and two grandchildren, the wallet can get thin pretty fast. Add to that, the cost of living going up, but our wages, and soon, we will all be grateful for contests like yours. I could picture my wife on Christmas day marvelling over the products and then expressing it didn’t break the bank and in fact i won it….im thankful for moments like that…

  9. Thankful for family, friends, pets, and a sense of humour that keeps me going. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  10. I love the sunny days that have a little nip in the air but are still warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the day. t am thankful that i have my hubby and dog to sit out with.

  11. I am thankful for still having my mom with us at 98 years young. 16 children, 13 surviving, 9 girls and 7 boys. 3 boys have crossed over.

  12. Thankful for a wonderful garden harvest and for three generations working together in my kitchen canning for wintertime.

  13. I am thankful for family and friends that have come into my life. Most of all I am thankful for my husband of 34 yearsyand my children that bring joy and love into our lives

  14. I am grateful for still having our mother around at 98, and 99 in March. She birthed 16 children with a baby dying shortly after his birth. We still count him, 9 girls and 7 boys. Two other boys have passed in their teens. Mom deserves the world!!!

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