When the Going gets Tough, Lean into it!

In Robin Sharma’s recent book entitled The Leader who had no title, he wrote about a former world champion skier and the strategies he used for being successful on the slopes. The skier was asked how he navigated  some of the toughest, and most challenging slopes to become a world class skier, he replied “ the only way I’d get good at skiing super hard terrain was to ski super-hard terrain  regularly”

The natural tendency for us humans is to run to our ‘comfort zones’ when the going gets tough. We tend to hide in our familiar ways of doing things and ways of being when we are challenged. The result is when we hide away from challenges and stay ‘safe’ we end up not realizing how much wider our comfort zones could be if we only faced our challenges.  The same skier talked about a difficult slope he had to ski on a particularly high, steep and treacherous mountain in New Zealand- he was terrified!

He described wanting to not try the difficult slope but instead he ‘ate his fear’ and leaned into mountain and skied as if his very life depended on it! He never felt better mentally, spiritually, emotionally! His self-respect grew in leaps and bounds and most importantly, he expanded his comfort zone.

So who are you when you are faced with challenging times? Do you retreat to your comfort zone, do you find excuses why things aren’t working the way you would like them to? Or do you lean into your challenges and widen your comfort zone?

The take away from this article is at some point we will all come across challenges and various steep mountains in our lives. When we face them by getting out of our comfort zones we can only become better.  Facing our challenges allow us to see our weaknesses, to see where we need to grow more,  to see what aspect of our way of being needs work and best of all we get to test out our techniques.  The result is our ‘playing field’ becomes bigger and wider and we are better equipped to lean into the next set of challenges that come our way.

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