Your fridge is the “black box”. Now, go and get creative in the kitchen!

Highlights & Takeaways from our Spanish Tapas Feast event with Chef Rene Rodriguez

On October 7th, we hosted an #EatWellCanolaOil workshop at the inspiring Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa. Guest host for the evening was Don Chow of and our guest chef for the evening was none other than Top Chef Canada Season 4 winner, Chef René Rodriguez who owns and operates the popular Navarra restaurant in Ottawa. What a treat to have his roots guide us through the Spanish Tapas Feast we were about to indulge in!

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Online, we thought we’d have a little fun with followers from coast to coast during a simultaneous Twitter Party. The “Black Box” theme played off of Chef René’s reality TV experience, but with a home cook twist. Home cooks are faced with “Black Box” situations every day. For example, when you have two main ingredients left in the fridge, plus your pantry basics, what do you make? Or, when there are only leftovers in the fridge, how do you re-invent them the next day? 

With celebrity Chef status, Chef René knows how to tackle a Black Box competition. 

He did not disappoint our event guests, delivering tasty Spanish tapas creations!


What are tapas anyway?

We shared a few of our own tapas-style recipes throughout the night as well:

The Agriculture and Food Museum was the special location for this month’s event. We were joined by Alberta farmer, Tanya, who presented the group with what it takes to run a 4,000 acre Canadian farm. She shared her passion of being a farmer, how they plant and harvest the grains, shared their farm’s environmental planning and why canola oil is good for you.


(..we think so too!)

This Thanksgiving, when you take a moment to give thanks, #ThankaFarmer who grows our food. The next time you are faced with a “Black Box” challenge in your kitchen, take a moment and reflect on where that food came from in the first place.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Eat Well… Ellen