Get Cooking with Raghavan and Patricia

Join us June 9th for Learn. Create. Eat. with Chef Raghavan Iyer & Patricia Chuey, RD

Join us online, Thursday, June 9th for an interactive live event as we learn, create and eat with Registered Dietitian, Patricia Chuey and Celebrity Chef, Raghavan Iyer. We want to know, what gets you inspired in the kitchen? As this is in conjunction with a live workshop, it’s a bit of an open ended party! Starting at 7PM CST, we’ll be sharing tips from the pros and asking our online audience to share some ideas and inspirations from their own kitchens. Will there be prizes? Of course! Participate for the chance to win Raghavan’s Indian Cooking Unfolded and $100 grocery gift card.

Learn. Create. Eat co-hosts Patricia Chuey, RD and Celebrity Chef Raghavan Iyer  are both best-selling cookbook authors, recipe developers and focus on layers of flavour in their recipes.

Learn from the experts on to how to develop dishes using bold flavours, spices and the role canola oil plays in the kitchen!

Create delicious bites while playing with flavour and cooking techniques.

Eat together while networking, sharing stories and expanding upon your network.

The event is a partnership between Canola Eat Well and NOSH and is hosted in conjunction with the Dietitians of Canada Conference in Winnipeg. 

Vegetable Samosas

Samosas can be found in many East Indian and African cuisine, particularly along the area’s coastal regions.

Basmati Rice with Saffron and Whole Spices

This dish combines three of Kashmir’s prized ingredients – basmati rice, cardamom pods, and saffron to create perfumed manna. Flavoring oils with whole spices is a hallmark of Indian cuisine, and I find the high temperature tolerance and clear taste of canola oil to be a great medium to do just that in this simple recipe.

Salmon & Quinoa Patties

salmon and quinoa patties |

Delicious. Simple. Healthy. Enjoy these patties accompanied with grilled vegetables, on whole grain rolls or made into 16 mini-patties for an easy appetizer.


Enter below for a chance to win! You too can get cooking Indian at home with your very own copy of Indian Cooking Unfolded by Raghavan Iyer, a canola oil squeeze bottle and a $100 grocery gift card to get you on your way.

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