The Fall Harvest

Harvest is a busy time for farmers, racing to get their crops in the bins.  With Open Farm Day, you can experience all types of farms this weekend all over the province.  There is even an Autumn meal up in Asessippi.

As you drive along, there are many fields that the crops are off and harvest is done.  There are still some fields where you will see canola in rows for ripening.  There will also be crops like soybeans, sunflowers and corn that are still standing and waiting to be harvested.

These pictures were taken from Brian Gould out in the Hamiota area on September 5, 2012.

Once swathed, the canola continues to ripen and then it’s combined.

As the combine picks up the rows, the seeds go into the hopper.  Once the hopper is full, it is then dumped into a grain truck or a grain cart and taken back to the yard.

Even though harvest was early for many, there are some canola farmers who are finishing up their fields.  Bruce and Carol Dalgarno are almost competed their harvest and then it’s the fall preparation that will take place getting the soil ready for spring.

I will be out at Bruce and Carol’s 4th generation family farm this weekend hoping to get on the combine, catch up with him on his year and share his passion with our Be Well Boot Campers.

Be Well…Ellen

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