What does your calendar say about you?

About eight years ago when I actively started studying the field of coaching, I came upon a CD that was titled “How to create an extraordinary life” by Robin Sharma. One of the strategies he recommended for an extraordinary life was for us to look at our calendar as it speaks volumes about the things we value.  Our calendar holds the clues to the things we commit to, that we say are important enough to make it onto our calendar.

What does your calendar say about you? Where on your calendar is that dedicated block of time for exercise?  For preparing meals? Spending quality uninterrupted time with your the ones you love? For your mental and spiritual development? Your professional development?  Other things you say are important to you?

If your calendar does not act as a daily reminder for all the things you deem important, are they as important as you say?

What are your thoughts about being physically active?  Do you believe physical activity is important for your own health and well being? Or do you think of physical activity as something you do when you have the time? Do you believe taking time to be physically active gets in the way of doing other more important things?

Answering the above questions will create awareness about your own underlying beliefs about being physically active.  This leads to you changing how you think about physical activity and importance you place on being physically active.  Once you go through the awareness and change process you will discover ways in which you enjoy being physically active.

This discovery will take you to the action phase. You will be more physically active without harbouring any negative thoughts.  This is when you will see your dedicated block of time for being physically active show up on your calendar!

Next time you talk about what is important to you, take a look at your calendar to see how much time you actually dedicate and set aside for this thing of importance, you might be surprised!

In success and health!
be well…
Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, MPH, RD, ACC