What We’re Lovin’ for April

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What Jenn’s Lovin

We Should Talk

Late last year a fellow creative was looking for someone to join him at his studio while he worked on his tech set-up for his next project. It’s no secret that I love spending time with other creatives in their spaces and so I said yes! Fast forward to now and the project has launched. We Should Talk is a series, that to date, features five men sharing their journey with mental health. The project aims to collect a variety of voices to share their experiences in hope that these stories will encourage other men to realize it’s OK to admit you are not OK. Thank you to these folks for sharing their stories with us and cheers to you, Ian, as you launched another thought-provoking and important conversation-starting project.

What Lynn’s Lovin

National Hug Your Dog Day

Lynn - National Hug Your Dog Day

Anybody who knows me, knows that I have a very soft spot in my heart for dachshunds. Dachshunds are special little dogs with addicting personalities. They are cute, full of attitude, funny, bossy, great snugglers, courageous and loyal to their people. You will always be the centre of their universe – happily defending your honor against any intruder such as the mailman, friendly neighbors, or even a from that careless leaf that has fallen from the tree outside! With a dachshund, it is a lifelong love.
Give your special friend all the love and affection they deserve April 10th – National Hug Your Dog Day.

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63 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin’ for April

  1. I’m loving the earth daily by acknowledging there’s a real problem we’ve created and look for things I can do (and do it/them) to help reduce my negative footprint.

  2. in the garden there are supportive plants – e.g., bee-friendly flowers – to help maintain nature’s balance

  3. I’m turning off lights and unplugging things that I don’t need at that particular time to reduce electric energy use.

  4. teaching kids about effects we’re having on the earth and brain-storming with them to come up with ways to make things better.

  5. I love the Earth by always bringing my reusable bags to the store. I, also, fill my garden with pollinator-friendly plants.

  6. I love the earth by recycling, composting and by not disposing of things just because they’re older

  7. I’m teaching the little ones about the four R’s – recycling, reusing, repurposing, reducing. It’s a game to them at their ages but they catch on quickly.

  8. I love the earth by recycling, reusing, composting, and supporting causes that prtect our earth.

  9. I love the earth by planting trees in the spring, recycling and reusing. We have our own compost and grow our own vegetables.

  10. I try to respect the limited supply of resources by using as few as possible, keeping waste to a bare minimum, and recycling whenever possible.

  11. I love the earth by trying to be more sustainable, Growing my own fruits and vegetables and raising my own chickens.

  12. We are connected to earth spiritually. The soil provides food and healing. I love the smell of freshly turned soil.

  13. everything is sorted before it goes outside. planting bee-friendly flowers. using only multi-use containers wherever possible.

  14. i love the earth by trying to do the 3R’s everyday, plant native species in the garden, i use my reel mower for the small lawn, plan on turning that over to make a real vege garden , use homemade cleaners with double strength vinegar too

  15. I’m loving the earth daily by recycling, donating clothes/appliances/furniture, ensuring only use electricity/heating/water/gas when needed.

  16. I love the Earth by trying to minimize my use of resources like lights & heat. I try not to buy more than I plan to use, and try to find a use for my belongings or donate them. I recycle!

  17. I love the earth by reducing the amount of stuff I buy, recycling containers, and by trying not to waste water.

  18. Compost,
    walk, cycle or car pool,
    repair appliances instead of buying new,
    support local farmers and producers

  19. I love the earth by recycling old or not needed clothing of mine that I always donate to Canada Diabetes- a charity close to my heart as I too am diabetic. In fact, I have an upcoming donation on May 5th! This way my clothes don’t end up in the landfill.

  20. I am trying to make one trip for appointments & shopping Instead of three and to purchase only what I need.

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