What We’re Lovin’ for January

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What Ellen’s Lovin

What’s your #WordoftheYear?

A word of the year is like a New Year’s resolution but with a word or short phase it helps to bring in clarity and focus to what you want to create in your life.  My #wordoftheyear for 2018 was More.  More  meant to me ~ MORE moments with my family & friends, MORE experiences, MORE opportunities for learning and growth.  It was a up and down year with the word MORE.

Even the Oxford Dictionary has a Word of the Year – last year it was youthquake.  A noun, and is defined as a ‘significant cultural, political or social change arising from the actions or influences of young people.’

If you want to share back with me your #wordoftheyear, tag @ellen_pruden on Twitter or @ellenpruden on IG and share your word.  I will be sharing mine and checking in with my community over the year.

What Jenn’s Lovin

More Meals Together Around the Table

Around the Table Heart in Hands | www.canolaeatwell.com

Winter is a time when I appreciate gathering around the table for meals. From my family of four on a weeknight to casual coffee table meals of charcuterie with friends to delicious meals out at one of the amazing restaurants in whatever location I happen to find myself. I love the chatter, the sharing, the stories – food nourishes the belly but it also nourishes the soul. Here’s to more meals together in 2019 and beyond!

What Lynn’s Lovin

Setting Goals and Challenges for the New Year

Tortilla Soup | www.canolaeatwell.comIn January, like almost everybody else, I like to set goals and challenges for the New Year. Last year, inspired by my colleague Ellen Grueter, I challenged myself to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. I could exercise longer if I wanted too, but 30 minutes was the minimum that I needed to be active each day to meet this personal challenge.

I know myself very well, and I knew that I needed to make it simple so that I could not possibly find an excuse to do it.  I could go to a yoga or Pilates class, use a treadmill, walk the airport if I had too, or simply just go for a walk outside, but it had to be 30 minutes of exercise. When it was cold or even sometimes too hot, and really did not want to go outside, I reminded myself that a 30-minute walk is only 15 minutes one way and 15 minutes back home. There is no excuse out of a 1440-minute day to only be active for 30 minutes.

And guess what……. I did it!!!!!! I have exercised everyday for 30 minutes since Jan 1st, 2018. It is day 862 for Ellen – wow!

I am not going to say that there were many, and I mean many times, that I did not want to go, but I just made myself do it! And every day, I am grateful.

Let me know if you have found your challenge for 2019. To warm up after that walk, try this delicious soup from Chef Elia Herrara.

What Tanya’s Lovin

Soft & Cozy

Jan Lovin Knitting - Tanya Pidsadowski | www.canolaeatwell.comJanuary is the perfect month for soft, cozy things as a fabulous antidote to the Canadian winter waiting outside. Arm knitting is seeing a resurgence in popularity, so I pulled out one of my favorite projects from a few years ago to enjoy again.

The yarn colour is appropriately named Neapolitan, after the tri-cloured ice cream, but this eternity scarf is more than warm.
Stay cozy friends!

Eat Well…Ellen, Jenn, Lynn & Tanya


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145 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin’ for January

  1. I love sharing meals and food with family and friends at home in the kitchen all gathered at the table, where we share our daily events and whatnot

  2. I love sharing meals and food at home with family. When I travel to visit other family members I always make meals for everyone to enjoy.

  3. We love to share food at home and try new recipes! We try to get together once a month with the entire family and everyone brings a dish!

  4. My family lives a province away so I don’t get to see them more than every couple of months or so. When I do get to see them, however, I love to buy foods I know they enjoy. I also pick up some special foods as a treat that I know they may have never had. We get together and play board games and enjoy snacking and catching up as a family.

  5. EVERYWHERE! We gather at my parents’ home, my place, my sister’s, extended family’s homes, at friends’ home, we gather for outdoor sports events, picnics, etc. etc. We love to get together and share a meal, good talk and good fun.

  6. We always have the family over to my house for celebrations – birthdays, holidays, long weekend BBQs etc….where I love to make feasts that we all enjoy together!

  7. In the winter…. at our home. But if we are out, we love to eat at Montanna’s, Casey’s or A & W (for when we are in a hurry) Happy January.

  8. Mostly at home but in the summer I love to pack a picnic dinner and take my kids down to the beach. We quite often will meet friends there and have a great picnic.

  9. I like to go to a nice restaurant with quiet background music so that we can all be relaxed and talk and laugh and enjoy a great meal.

  10. I love to get together at our dinner table every Monday-Friday with my hubby my 2 kids . But on the weekendsafe we have meals specially made by Nana on Sundays ❤❤

  11. Love sharing a delicious meal with family and friends RIGHT AT HOME! Love cooking up a storm and be hostess at such gatherings. Its fun to get creative in the kitchen and then spread the love to your guests

  12. This would be such a benefit for someone like me–a limited income and a supporter of Canadian food/purchasing!

  13. Our favourite place to share food with friends and family is a big party that my inlaws hold every summer. It’s a potluck, so people bring a huge variety of salads, dishes and desserts.

  14. Our whole family and friends all gather at my daughter’s house in the country! Lots of potluck, fun, laughter and plenty of room for all.

  15. I love to share food with family and friends around our kitchen table. In fact, most visiting is done there rather than in our living room.

  16. Our family is pretty adventurous. We love sharing regular Sunday family meals at home but we are often on the go so isn’t unusual to picnic as we go which can be really fun! Next to a waterfall, at a zoo, the skies the limits where we can celebrate together with food

  17. I really love sharing food with friends and family at a nice restaurant because I feel like I can relax after my meal and not have to clean up afterwards.

  18. I love to share food together with family and friends, most often in my own home. Much more relaxing than going to a restaurant and sometimes having to wait for your reservation or feeling pressured not to linger as others are waiting for your table.

  19. I love sharing food with friends and family wherever I go. So backpacking and kayaking or in other people’s homes.

  20. I love sharing food with my family and friends at home,parties, BBQ’s & get-to-gethers for no reason at all. They love sharing back with us too. These wonderful times together are the best.

  21. I love sharing food with family and friends at home, BBQ’s, parties, and get-to-gethers we have for no reason at all. These times we have together are the best!

  22. I love to share food with friend/family at the beach after/before a nice swim! Giving its winter…..at home over some good conversation works wonderfully!

  23. We like to share food with our friends whether it’s over here at our house or over at theirs. I love to cook and love preparing a nice meal to share with friends.

  24. I love to share dinner with family and friends at my home mostly. I have a big dining room and yet we always end up eating in the kitchen unless it’s holiday time. The family loves to have big BBQ’s during the summer at the beach.

  25. Definitely around the kitchen dining room table. We have always made it a habit to eat our meals has a family around the table,as I have always done growing up.

  26. I love having get-togethers at my grandparent’s house with my extended family for lots of yummy food, laughter and fun!

  27. Our favorite place is my parents house. It’s the atmosphere there with fireplace, good music, & overall a comfortable, cozy place for great conversation & meals with family and friends.

  28. We have family and often friends in every Sunday for dinner, when we are home. Who ever can come does, and often brings their friends along.

  29. In our home, picnics, covered dish dinners, ..we love to take to friends’ homes, especially older friends who may not be able to get out.

  30. The best is Christmas of course! Love cooking up a storm for everyone. I also enjoy to be pampered, so restaurants with family & friends is always a nice treat.

  31. This mama loves a full house and the family sitting around our big dining room table. The more squished in the better.

  32. My mom and dad’s house used to be the gathering place for our family. But once we all started having families of our own, we started taking turns. My family and I moved away so now it’s mostly just us at our house.

  33. I love it when everyone brings their favourite dish! It makes food prep less stressful and add variety. #CanolaConnect #CanadasFoodGuide

  34. We usually host at our place as it’s the central point in the city for everyone to meat. So nice to gather the family around one table.

  35. I love sharing food and snacks with my family at home at our kitchen table. family meals and snacks are important to me!

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