What We’re Lovin for June

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What Jenn’s Lovin

Herb Garden

Don’t delay, get those herbs in today! I just love planting edible plants in my garden and flower pots. They easily mix in with flowers or can be stylish and showy all on their own.

My must have list includes: Basil, oregano, flat leaf parsley, chives, cilantro, dill & thyme.

My favourite herb resource is Getty from www.gettystewart.com. Not only does she give you fantasitc tips and lessons on how to grow the best herbs, she also shared amazing tips and tricks on how to best preserve your bounty through the season and stock your kitchen for the months to come. This year, you can even join her Herb School!

Do you plant herbs? What is on your list?

What Lynn’s Lovin

Summer On The Table

Brusssels sprouts blueberry slaw | www.canolaeatwell.com

If you asked my family and friends, they would say that coleslaw would be my ‘go to’ salad for summer entertaining. Coleslaw goes with everything from burgers, to fish, pulled pork, or savory stews. It is crunchy, satisfying, a crowd pleaser, and best of all, can be made ahead of time.  It is the perfect salad for potlucks and if there are leftovers, still delicious the next day.   Have I convinced you?  Why not try three of my favorite recipes below, and sit back and relax when the party is on:

Brussels Sprout Blueberry and Walnut Slaw

Rainbow Coleslaw

Japanese Sesame Slaw

Tell us how you celebrate summer at your table below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a canola prize package!

What Tanya’s Lovin

Summer Students

Finally, spring has come out of a too long dormancy and has presented us with green grass and buds on the pussy willows! Spring also signals the end of College & University terms and the rush of students looking for summer positions. At Alberta Canola, we have been very fortunate to have not one, but two, students join our office for the summer.

The addition of Jadon and Brooke have upped the energy level for our upcoming projects. Their fresh ideas and insightful questions are providing great new angles on existing presentations. Our staff is always looking to do events and presentations more innovatively. It a chance to change for the better when the students ask why we do things a certain way.

Working daily in Public Engagement reminds me that learning and understanding is always a two-way street. You help me understand your viewpoints and where you are coming from. In turn, I share my story and help you understand my point of view.  Having these sharp students on board is a two-way street for learning for all of us at Alberta Canola.  We welcome what they can teach us.

What Ellen’s Lovin’

The Simple Elegant Clafoutis

Looking for an easy, simple dessert that’s also elegant with ingredients that most people have in hand? One of my go to dessert recipes is a fruit clafoutis.

Clafoutis is a French dessert traditionally made with cherries. With fresh cherries, peaches and plums soon to be available, this is sure to be a summer favorite. You can use frozen fruit if you don’t have fresh fruit.

Sweet Cherry Clafoutis - Sweetsugarbean.com
Sweet Cherry Clafoutis recipe from Renee at Sweet Sugar Bean!

If you can make pancakes or waffles, you can make this custard, eggy dessert. It’s only 7 ingredients.  Whisk eggs, milk, sugar, canola oil, vanilla and flour over pitted cherries. Bake and serve. It’s delicious.

A basic recipe can be found here at Epicurious.

A delicious recipe from Renee at Sweet Sugar Bean can be found here.

My baking secret: I use canola oil instead of melted butter in the batter.

Eat Well…Jenn, Lynn, Tanya and Ellen

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191 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin for June

  1. summer at my table….is outside ..bbq meals everyday…weather permitting…bbqing, meats, veggies, fish [is that meat?], anyway to bbq drinks?….

  2. I celebrate with desserts made from fruit from my garden. I have blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb & raspberries.

  3. We love the chance to BBQ that comes with nice weather! Grilled veggies and steak and chicken are our favourites

  4. I celebrate summer at the table with lots of fresh produce! I also love corn on the cob during the summer months! 🙂

  5. Picnics that include salads, hot dogs, chips, iced tea, watermelon and homemade pies with what ever fruit is locally in season

  6. I celebrate summer at my table by trying to BBQ everything we can. We love BBQ’d food and only eat it a summer.

  7. We celebrate summer at our table by eating what vegetable and fruit grow in our area, we shop at our local farmers market.

  8. farmers’ markets are a wonderful source of fresh food. as there are several in town, we don’t often miss a weekly chance to restock the larder. eating outside is wonderful as well. thx

  9. Fresh fruit and vegetables – ice cold watermelon, peaches, cherries, nectarines – farm fresh and so delish!

  10. We celebrate with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are so plentiful this time of year and lots of barbecues.

  11. We celebrate the summer with vegetables, fruit, decor that is bright and lemonade that must be cold for the hot days to come!

  12. Fresh mixed fruits with shortcake and a little whipped cream over. AND sometimes I make pavlova with fruit in the center for a nice treat at our table. 🙂

  13. We are growing fruit in our backyard: saskatoon berries, apples, pears, currants and rhubarb make for great desserts.

  14. I celebrate summer at my local table my shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers markets and featuring it all in my meals and cuisine; celebrating the season with family and friends.

  15. We celebrate summer by trying to incorporate different ethnic meals at the dinner table and eating outdoors on the patio when the weather is nice.

    Thanks for the chance

  16. Lots of local fresh fruit and vegetables, and lighter meals especially salads go on our table in the summer.

  17. We celebrate summer by going to our local market weekly and eating local grown veggies and fruits everyday. Lots of salads and BBQs a couple of times a week.

  18. I love hitting up the local Farmer’s Market for local fresh and delicious fruits and veggies! They make wonderful meals and snacks!

  19. I celebrate the arrival of warm weather/the summer by preparing fresh, homemade potato salad, hamburgers and buns, and a frozen dessert (fruit ice cream or sorbet).

  20. I make my summer meals with fresh local ingredients. It really makes a different in the flavour of my meals when I use fresh local ingredients.

  21. we love to use as much local food as possible, visiting the farmer’s markets and roadside fruit and veg stands.

  22. I celebrate summer at my table with lots of my garden vegetables and fruit, and by shopping at our local farmers markets.

  23. I celebrate summer at my table with fresh produce from the garden: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions….

  24. I will celebrate summer with family around my table topped with fresh from my garden vegetables, herbs & fruit!

  25. I love to offer an array of beautiful and delicious appetizers for everyone to share and refreshing summer drinks.

  26. We celebrate summer at our table with fresh cut flowers. We also keep our meals light with fresh veggies and fruits.

  27. We love salads with grilled chicken cut into chunks. I make up my own salad dressings with canola oil. I also like to grill pizza and the veggies, so good!

  28. We love celebrating with home grown produce from our garden and homemade salad dressings made with canola oil.

  29. With LOTS of BBQ meals! yummy steak, chicken kabobs, Burgs and cant forget about a yummy dessert … we love apple pie

  30. I love serving a grilled veggie platter with a lemon feta dip and hummus, or a colour kebab of some kind (we love fajita chicken kebabs), and a lot of fruits!

  31. I celebrate summer at the table with friends, family, fruity drinks, delicious snacks and lots of laughter.

  32. definitely have to take advantage of grilling fresh fruit like peaches and pineapple. Add a little vanilla ice cream and you have a perfectly refreshing desert!!

  33. We really enjoy the abundance of fresh greens, veggies and fruits…shopping at the open markets makes a fun day with family.

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